Seasonal Decoration

Poinsettia Care Tips Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Good poinsettia care will keep your plant beautiful right through the holidays. Bright and cheery, poinsettia is the top-selling flowering plant in the U.S. and the most popular for decorating and gift-giving at Christmas time. Its “flowers” are actually leaf-like bracts that surround […]

Poinsettia Care Tips

Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas Summer is here and with it all the beautiful moments we spend with our beloved ones at home. This is an excellent opportunity to turn even the simplest meal into a delightful moment with a refreshing summer feel. How we do this? By setting our […]

Fresh Summer Table Setting Ideas

Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ Metallic Colors Autumn has clearly arrived and with it beautiful, fresh days as the sun plays hide and seek with the passing clouds. This is a good occasion for you to add decorational warmth to your house, drawing inspiration from […]

Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ ...

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks e – learning Webinars I am in a very good period, once again 🙂 My Techniques on Feng Shui, which I study, develop and use as an interior designer the last almost 20 years, are working excellent for me and for my […]

How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks * e-learning ...

Month January – February Winter Season – Water – North – Career ~ Winter as a season and water as one of the elements of nature are perfectly linked together. Undoubtedly the direction that brings us all these energies is the North, who is always fresh and cool, and from […]

January & February Feng Shui ~ North, Career Area

September Feng Shui ~ Love & Marriage ~ Southwest This transitional season, between the emotional summer season with the element of fire and the cold winter season with the element of water, there is this fresh and wisest Autumn season which comes to regenerate the land under new conditions. This […]

September Feng Shui ~ Love & Marriage ~ Southwest

Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol The Double Happiness symbol is an incredibly popular Feng Shui love cure. By looking at the symbol you can clearly distinguish two figures holding hands. With perfect symmetry, the Double Happiness sign represents the lasting relationship of love. You can save the symbol from bellow, […]

Feng Shui ~ The Double Happiness Symbol

How to accessorize your nightstand? The possibilities are endless, but there are some basic and easy rules and if you follow them you will always have a very impressive result. Accessories are one of the most important parts of the design process. They complete the overall look of a space […]

Nightstand Accessorizing

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