Winter Season

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Winter Season – January Vibes

In order to feel good, humans must live in harmony with their environment.

As seasons change, we also need to change our habits so that we create an ideal balance between our body and the surrounding environment.

Winter Season - January Vibes

Winter Season – January Vibes

According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), winter is associated with the water element.

Winter and water affects the health of kidneys. Kidneys hold the main source of vitality and energy within the body.

Water element and winter are perfectly connected.

Undoubtedly North is the direction that brings the energy of water.

Drop by drop, the fresh water that is formed from the snow will bring life to all seasons of the year.

According to TCM’s section, known as Feng Shui, north is the direction for enhancing career and business developments.

This enhancement is accomplished by adding the element of water to the north areas of our spaces.

During winter, I’ll share valuable TCM & Feng Shui tips for modern Decoration.

Tips  to help you turn this wonderful season into an amazing opportunity to refresh your vitality and career.

Stay tuned 

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