The Key to Wellness: Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces 2

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The key to Wellness.

For everything useless or unnecessary you remove from your life, a new and useful comes to meet you.

The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_1The first rule of prosperity, wellness and healthy flow of energy is to declutter every so our spaces from useless and unnecessary items.

Which opens the door to new positive energies to join our lives and to reorganize the objects we use in our daily occupations so they will work in our favor.

The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_2I tend during transitional periods, somewhere in mid-spring and mid-autumn to make a firm decluttering to my house and office.

This is extremely liberating and refreshing to all areas of my life, and I give them the space to breathe and be developed.

The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_3Shortly before the holidays and the winter season is the ideal period for the autumn decluttering, deep cleaning and reorganization of our spaces and our lives for the new year that comes right after.

Also with spring welcoming.
I prefer the room-by-room approach because there’s a more immediate sense of accomplishment and you’re not working over yourself as you go.

The 3 Keys to Wellness


The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_4
When I say declutter, I don’t mean to start through your furniture or the thinks you love.

Just simplify your life according to these things so with less stuff, you have more time and energy to fully embrace life, more money in your pocket and a better perspective on what’s really important in life.
Just think about how many times someone talks about all the stuff in their home or clutter that’s driving them nuts or wanting to just get rid of it all.

On the other hand, it’s rare that you hear someone bemoaning the fact that they chose the path of less stuff.

In fact, most people who begin the journey of decluttering find it so invigorating that they end up decluttering more and more over time.

If you’re just getting started, don’t feel like you need to turn into a minimalist overnight.

Start by walking through your home and gathering up anything that you’re obviously ready to part with.

Trash, broken toys, cheap knick knacks that you never really liked in the first place, etc.
Then, as you go room by room, think about the last time you used an item, whether you truly love it and how hard it would be to replace it down the road if you change your mind.

Begin boxing up things that you’re ready to let go of, either for immediate donation or to live in a sealed box in the basement for 3-6 months.

Once that time has passed, if you haven’t missed the stuff in the box, you can safely donate it without worrying about regrets down the road.
If you’ve already begun decluttering, it may be time to get more serious about it and make the harder decisions, but it’s okay to do a little bit at a time!

Deep Clean

The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_5
Once you’ve cleaned out the clutter in each room, you can begin deep cleaning.

Wipe the baseboards, clean behind and under furniture, wash the windows.

Clean upholstery, curtains and blinds. Dust fan blades and switch the direction they rotate in preparation for winter.
Although these are the things that I often put off in favor of spending time with my family.

It’s a good idea to do them a couple times a year to improve the air quality in your home, check for damage that you might not otherwise notice and keep it from building up indefinitely.
For simple deep cleaning, stick to a microfiber cloth for dusting.

Use a vinegar/water solution for windows, glass, bathrooms and more.

And baking soda to scrub sinks, toilets and showers.


The Key to Wellness Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces_6
Finally, reorganize the areas of your home you use the most, as well as your storage, so that things are easy to find and get to.

Stuff naturally moves from a state of organization to disorganization as you get things in and out of drawers and stuff additional items into closets.

Reorganizing is a great way to not only straighten up the mess but also to make sure the things you use the most are the easiest to get to.

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2 thoughts on “The Key to Wellness: Declutter, Deep Clean & Reorganize your Spaces

  • Alice Reddy

    I love this article. It really speaks to my heart. Simple, yet very effective advice. Just what I needed! My environment affects me tremendously and I’ve noticed that clutter gives me low energy. I find it a challenge to declutter my children’s bedrooms though. I will try your idea of putting things I think they won’t miss in a box in the garage for a few months.

    • elena arsenoglou Post author

      Hello my dear Alice! It is so nice to see you here 🙂 Thank you very much about your warm comments and I want you to know that I am really happy that my posts are useful to you!!
      Don’t forget to send me pictures from your front door in my mailbox, I am looking frw to share with you my advices. Love, Elena