How your environment can heal you 

According to research people spend almost 90% of their lives indoors in spaces like their home or their work. At this point, spaces like restaurants, holiday resorts should be added. All these places will affect positive or negative people’s health, psychology, productivity and well-being. During crises, such cases of an epidemic break out like with covid-19, the time a person may spend inside the house may rise to almost 100%.

Human Health and Well-being are directly affected by the environment in which people live.

That is because matter has energy and people become passive receivers of this energy. 

That may affect person either directly and quickly or slowly and steadily, positively or negatively. This is related to the structure and the kind of energy there is in a person’s environment. 

Einstein proved that matter has energy with his famous equation E=mc2 , which predicted that mass is equivalent to energy. In modern times, Quantum Physics also envisions the idea of converting energy into matter and solves questions and possible doubts about energies and how they affect humans.

Nowadays, when health is the most important commodity, the people who desires Well-being is necessary and is their right to know the influence they receive from the structure and the energy of the spaces they use and to be able to create spaces that are certified and work positively for their Health and Well-being. 

This is precisely what the global innovative system Wellness Design™ offers. Its main purpose is to offer modern people of all ages the creation of spaces for living, working and having fun, which will be certified and have a consistently positive effect on their Health and Well-being.

By improving the structure and the energy of the spaces that we use, our energy, health, psychology and well-being also improves. When it comes to workspaces, the additional positive benefits extend to the concentration, productivity and happiness of the employees and the success of the company. 

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