DIY – Potato Stamp Christmas Wrapping Paper

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DIY – Potato Stamp Christmas Wrapping Paper

I like so much the smart ideas which with the minimum cost and very simple materials you can create wonderful things.

Like this one idea to create our own wrapping paper from a potato !!



The materials you will need are incredibly easy

Ink stamp
Monochrome papers
Fresh greenery
( Optionally ) Small gold Christmas ornaments, such as bells


Process is extremely easy!

Cut a potato in half, and create with a sharp knife the shape of a very simple tree.

Press your potato tree stamp onto the ink and then capture trees onto your paper and it’s ready !!!


In a few minutes when the ink is dry you can use the paper to wrap your gifts!
Finish with a some string in natural or white color, on which you can fix and your finishing decorations, such as a little fresh greenery or Christmas bells etc.


Isn’t it a wonderful idea? If you have kids I suggest you to make this craft with your kids, they will just love it!

This year try to be creative when it comes to wrap your Christmas presents.

Your gifts will look much more impressive !
Many kisses, Elena

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