As revolutionary as the construction sector may seem nowadays, it currently accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, 11% of which are a result of manufacturing building materials such as steel, cement, and glass. Fast forward a couple of years later, after a life-changing global pandemic and […]

What is Net-Zero Architecture? Terms and Design Strategies

Jamie Lytle 1, Catherine Mwatha, Karen K Davis Affiliations expand PMID: 24382614 DOI: 10.4037/ajcc2014958 Abstract Background: Sleep deprivation in hospitalized patients is common and can have serious detrimental effects on recovery from illness. Lavender aromatherapy has improved sleep in a variety of clinical settings, but the effect has not been tested in the intermediate […]

Effect of lavender aromatherapy on vital signs and perceived quality ...

Pak. J. Biochem. Mol. Biol. 2010; 43(2): 105-108 Exposure to illuminated salt lamp increases 5-HT metabolism: A serotonergic perspective to its beneficial effects Hajra Naz* and Darakhshan J Haleem Neurochemistry and Biochemical Neuropharmacology Research Unit, Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi, Karachi, Pakistan Abstract: For centuries people have known the […]

Exposure to illuminated salt lamp increases 5-HT metabolism: A serotonergic ...

Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus [Eucalyptus globulus Labill (E. globulus)]  Eucalyptus oil has demonstrated its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative and antibacterial activities and researchers have proved its efficacy beyond doubt in treatment of various metabolic and infectious diseases.  Its oils have been used to regulate and activate the various systems like nervous system […]

Aromatherapy – Eucalyptus

Mindfulness meditation helps fight insomnia, improves sleep Julie Corliss Executive Editor, Harvard Heart Letter If you’ve ever crawled under the covers worrying about a problem or a long to-do list, you know those racing thoughts may rob you of a good night’s sleep. Sleep disturbances, like having a hard time […]

Mindfulness meditation helps fight insomnia, improves sleep

WellnessDesign™ A simple, practical, holistic and innovative solution for a safe home isolation system for a covid-19 patient, so that they don’t carry the virus to the healthy members of their family when they have to remain under the same roof, while also supporting the patient’s mental health and well-being […]

Wellness Design | COVID-19 ROOM

Painting | Color Selection | Application | Maintenance Beyond Decoration Studio undertakes Interior and Exterior Decoration, Construction, Renovation and Supervision of Residential and Commercial projects throughout Greece. With its 25 years of experience, Elena Arsenoglou, the Interior Design Architect who runs it, Beyond Decoration Studio provides you with the most […]

COLOR SELECTION | Painting | Application | Maintenance

Sconce North - Α Polymorphic Interior Design item for Design Lovers
Α polymorphic interior design item for design lovers. Sconce NORTH Sconce “North” is an amazing item, recognised in the global design market. Materials and Dimensions “North” is made of mirror with a perimetrical hidden LED lighting. It is currently available in dimensions, 40cm x 40cm and 80cm x 80cm and […]

Sconce North – Α Polymorphic Interior Design item for Design ...