15 Decorating Ideas with Apples

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15 Decorating Ideas with Apples.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!

But what else delicious apples can give to you beyond a better health?
Miracles in your seasonal autumn decoration!!!

So, I collected for you some very beautiful and easy ideas to get inspired and add seasonal style to your space by using this delicious fruit.

15 Decorating Ideas with Apples for your Kitchen

From your fruit store choose fresh and crisp apples and place them in baskets or containers that suit your kitchen decoration style.
Beyond the beauty of the season that you will add in your place, you will remember to eat an apple a day!

Table Setting Decoration with Apples

A beautiful centrepiece on your dinning table can add style even to your everyday meal.

Choose well shaped and strong apples to create centrepieces in the spirit of the season.

You can combine apples beautifully with eucalyptus branches, candles and natural materials such as burlap and wood.

This colour chart below will help you remember that the colours that suite the most with your apple compositions are those which appear on an apple!

Of course, green apples are also suitable for this use.

You can also combine apples with some other seasonal fruits, like pears for your compositions.

Now if you are lucky to have access to an apple tree, use a whole clove of apples and keep it in a pot with water and use it to decorate your space.

Do It Yourself – Candle holders from Apples

This is a perfect and easy idea for all seasons.
Open a hole with a sharp tool at the top of an apple and place inside a candle.
Place your apples in platters or candlesticks, but even in water, as they float, for even more impressive result.

Lots of Love, Elena

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