How to Decorate with Fur

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As you understand fashion and decorating trends go hand by hand, this year fur, faux or real, warms us in both areas.

I will recommend you to prefer faux, which this year tend to be the hot trend in decorating.

Now we have moved from the very modern and cold spaces, fur offering warmth to all decorating styles, from modern to luxurious .

Fur in Bedroom

Undoubtedly bedroom leads this trend, where this wonderful material adds unique warmth.

On the bed or on a seat, as a throw or with some decorative pillows, even on the floor like a carpet, the decorating result will reward you.


In the Living Room

Next player is certainly the living room.

Anywhere you want to create warmth, it is the right spot to add fur.

On an armchair, on a sofa, but even on the dining room chairs.

As you can see, the ways to decorate with fur are limitless.

Let your imagination free and dare to add to your space this wonderful material.

Beyond its warmth it will add to your space a fine luxury feeling.

On chairs, on a piece of furniture and of course at some point in your outdoors.

This material is here to stay!

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