Create a Modern Geometric Mural with Painting

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Create a Modern Geometric Mural with Painting

This is an easy way to create a feature wall in any room of your space.

The only materials that you need are:

A painting tape

Some different colours

A painter brush

and you will be able to create a stunning modern geometric mural on your wall.
Here are some sample pictures to help you inspired for your walls.


This is an excellent idea for adult, children or nursery sleeping rooms.

It can be applied to the wall behind or next to the headboard, but it also looks great to expand on two walls at an angle.

Living Room

In your living room this idea can be applied in many spots.

Choose one of the following if they are located in the same room.
The geometric murals with painting, are great as a background, on the wall behind your sofa.

In the dining room choose the wall behind the dinning table.

And if you have a home desk select the wall behind the desk.

Professional Spaces

I highly recommend the application of this idea for pro spaces.

It works great on walls behind reception, waiting seats, meeting rooms and corridors.

Try it if you want to steal impressions!

3D Effect

If you are a good painter or you hire a professional for the application,

you can create with this technique and more three-dimensional designs, even thematically.

And not only on walls but even on furniture, such as the doors of your closets.

If you need help with designing the pattern or even the painting of the mural you may contact me here.

Lot’s of L O V E, Elena

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