DIY – Decorate with Blackboard

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DIY Decorate with Blackboard

People tend to personalize the space they live in, because it makes them feel good.

And most of all it makes them feel like they belong somewhere.
The main idea in using blackboards in our decorations is to combine something useful that can easily change into something funny that encourage creativity.

One can find blackboard paint at almost any hardware store.

If you are planning to draw on it, make sure you apply the paint on a smooth surface.
Here I’ve put together a collection of examples of where and how people have used it in their homes.

From functional wall calendars to impressive wall art! Get inspired and good luck!

Ideas to Decorate with Blackboard

You can paint any wall in your house but also furniture too, mostly use chalkboard decoration in rooms like kids’ room, kitchen, and office.

Lately chalkboard has been used very much in modern wall and furniture decoration and design.

An interesting idea is to use blackboards around kids.

They will always find it interesting, because they can write on them, draw and play with it.

The fact that is very easy to clean will give children the possibility to be creative and every day to try new things.

Whatever the age kids, even teenagers can find this both useful and fun.

The next place where a blackboard is really useful except around kids is in the kitchen.

If you have artistic skills you can transform a simple blackboard in a wonderful piece of chalk art.

As you see you don’t have to be much of an artist with the chalk to create a lovely accent wall.

Just the texture itself or layers of chalk that are wiped off can create a lovely effect!

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