The Golden List for Planning your Christmas Holidays

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The Golden List for Planning your Christmas Holidays.

When it comes to think about Christmas holidays, our heart calms.

Beautiful images of family peace and warmth are filling our thoughts.

Colourful ornaments and candles transform our home to a magical place.

The exchange of gifts in front of the fireplace and the wonderful scents from the Christmas table …

All these are awaken in our minds only by thinking of Christmas and all of us are looking forward for these festive holidays and the joy they offer us.

The Golden List for Planning your Christmas Holidays

But what is hidden behind this festive mood in order to develop everything the way we dreamed of?
The right planning of course!
In this article I will share with you my thoughts, my inspiration and my secrets for Christmas Holidays

without unpleasant surprises but only filled with plenty of pleasant moments for us and our beloved ones.

The first and most important part of planning our Christmas holidays, is to make a list of everything that we will need.

Christmas Decoration

We start from picking the concept we want for the Christmas Decoration of our home.

This will help us to have an easier and logical approach for the following parts that we have to choose.

At this point we choose the theme according to what we like of course but also what suits with the rest of the decoration style of our home.

Here we have to keep in mind the budget we want to spent for our Christmas Holidays.

For example, if we choose a luxurious decoration theme for our Christmas tree, we have to use the same luxury for the gift wrapping or the table setting.
Here you can check out many Wonderful Ideas for Christmas Decorating.

Christmas Gift Planning

It is good to plan your presents earlier this year.

Believe me, you will enjoy the process more and you will get much more useful and beautiful gifts for your beloved ones.

And if you like the idea, you will have plenty of time to make some DIY gifts for your guests.
Write down a list with the names of the people you want to offer a gift for Christmas

and next to each name start writing 1-2 options that come into your mind.
Here you can print the Christmas Gifts List
Check out great Ideas for Christmas DIY Gifts
Here you can get Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas.

Planning the Menu for Christmas

Christmas dinner is one of the most important meals of the year.

That’s why most of the hosts want something special for this day.

With the right planning this special dinner will be very easy to prepare.

It will not stress you at all and it will be very impressive for your guests.
The first thing to do is to decide the Christmas Menu.
You can follow my Pinterest board “Christmas Menu Ideas” for inspiration or to create your own board.
Once you’ve decided the final menu, print the necessary recipes and create a list of the ingredients that you need.

Start shopping your ingredients along with your weekly shopping and leave the fresh products for the last days before the dinner.

Make sure to make any necessary ingredient pre-orders for where it is needed.
Here you can print the List for the Christmas Menu.

Christmas Table Setting

It is time to think how we would like to present our menu for our guests and how to decorate the Christmas table.
The key secret to success behind this process is to match our table setting colourfully and thematically with the rest of the Christmas decorative style we chose for our home.
Take a look here to see Impressive Ideas for Christmas Table Settings.

I hope The Golden List for Planning your Christmas Holidays will be useful to you!
Stay tuned with my blog for endless Christmas inspiration and not only.
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