Christmas Decoration This Christmas give yourself a gift and feel awesome. You deserve it! Tune in to the Christmas Spirit. Fill your time with positive energy, love, joy and abundance. Share this positivity with your family and loved ones, your customers, your employees. It will come back to you ten […]

Christmas Decoration

Poinsettia Care Tips Botanical Name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Good poinsettia care will keep your plant beautiful right through the holidays. Bright and cheery, poinsettia is the top-selling flowering plant in the U.S. and the most popular for decorating and gift-giving at Christmas time. Its “flowers” are actually leaf-like bracts that surround […]

Poinsettia Care Tips

Make your own photo book for free. My favorite month of the year was always March. Except that it’s my birthday month, it is mainly because spring starts here. Along with spring, here starts the amazing rebirth of nature with the wonderful scents. Last years I have in mind a […]

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