North – Water – Colours Nature gives us the greatest and most intelligent inspirations and answers. As long as we are willing to observe and consciously use the information we receive for our benefit. According to Feng Shui, in order to maintain harmony with the energy of our space, it […]

Colors to Highlight your North-facing Rooms

DIY – How to Transform your Towels Welcome to another DIY! Yesterday I was experimenting trying to find an easy way to transform some monochrome towels for my bathroom. The result was spectacular! With a few fabric ribbons, the impersonal monochrome towels became unrecognizable! My little daughter Maria, who usually […]

DIY – How to Transform your Towels

Guest bathrooms are among my favorites in decoration. Whether it is for a house, restaurant or hotel, I choose the decoration carefully as it is the only space where guests being left to their own will observe. I therefore enjoy giving it a good dose of aesthetic pleasure, combining artistic […]

Guest Bathroom – My Secrets for Stunning Decoration

Organizing Bathroom Towels Regardless if your bathroom is large or small, modern or classical, this bathroom accessory can store your towels, providing it style and functionality. Try it and you will remember me. I use it often in my projects and my clients love it. Organizing your Bathroom Towels Cubic […]

Organizing Tip of the Month – A Home for your ...