Organizing Tip of the Month – Back-to-School 1

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Organizing Tip of the Month – Back-to-School

As many of us are getting prepared for the back-to-school season, I came across this creative idea of Martha Stewart that will help you organize your kids’ spaces.

Toys, artwork, and more, which can be adapted to any age.

Erasable Labeled Drawers

Get organized — again and again — with these chalkboard drawers.

The labels can be erased as contents in each drawer change:

Affix masking tape in square outlines to fronts of drawers or tins; cover each square with latex chalkboard paint.

Let dry, and remove tape.

To add a border, place two strips of masking tape parallel to each other on opposite sides of square; paint, let dry, and remove tape. Repeat with two other sides.

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