Decorating with Red – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

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 Decorating with Red

Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

For centuries, red has meant passion, and that’s why getting two dozen red roses from a special someone means “I love you big time”.

People, who enjoy shades of red, from apple and rose red to tomato and fire engine, generally are optimistic, outgoing and passionate about life.

In interior decoration even a small dose of bold and vibrant red adds energy and impact to any room.

Learn to apply this powerful, commanding color with confidence.
Here are all the tips you need to do it.

1. Red Color on Walls

subcategory 1/4 Using Red Color on Walls

If you’re ready to fully embrace red, try it in a small room or on a single wall.

In Feng Shui, color red brings the fire element energy.

A balanced Feng Shui fire element in your home will bring joy, excitement and strong sexual desire.

Being a fire element, red color is excellent to use in the South areas (Fame & Reputation), as it matches the Feng Shui element of this direction.

You can also use the red color in the Feng Shui areas with the earth element, as fire nourishes earth in the productive cycle of the five elements.
The earth Feng Shui element areas are the Center, as well as Southwest (Relationships) and Northeast (Wealth).

Besides painting you can also use wallpaper in shades of red color, in a pattern or theme that fits the decor of your space.

As red is such an intense color, it holds up to strong accessories.

Red color on the walls looks even more wonderful when your windows and moldings color is white.

Feng Shui Wise: use red color with most moderation in children’s rooms, freely in the living room, the dining room, the bathroom and the kitchen.

In Feng Shui decorating with red color always signifies richness and luxury. Try it!

2. Red Color on Furniture

subcategory 2/4 Using Red Color on Furniture

Because the color is so visually arresting, even one red item  can transform a bland room.

Red furnishings work well with pale and dark neutrals―white walls, wood floors, natural stone―or as a rich matte counterpoint to metallics.

Red adds drama to any room—even one as utilitarian as the kitchen. (The color is also said to stimulate the appetite, so it’s a natural here.)

Whether it is about our personal style or about the decoration style of our spaces,

the timeless and beloved Navy Style where white and navy blue dominates, a touch of red will always be welcome and very impressive.

So feel comfortable to add one piece of red furniture in your space. As you can see the results are amazing!

3. Red Color on  Accessories

subcategory 3/4 Using Red Color on Accessories

If you’re not ready to commit wholly, try red as an accent, pulling it in through draperies or furniture.

Red mixes well with almost any color scheme, but how do you decorate with red without going overboard?

Here are four safe combinations to add red to your home.

Red accessories with shades of blue it is one of my favorite combinations.

Pick a wall color—like chocolate brown—that grounds it.

With green shades and white or metal furniture, red  looks very fresh.

In an otherwise neutral palette, even a restricted amount of red can liven a space.

4. Using Red in Professional Spaces

subcategory 4/4 Using Red Color in Professional Spaces

Is effective in promoting  products or services related to food and appetite, energy, passion or speed.



Red color is ideal for restaurants.




Red encourages buyers to take action and make a purchase and thus  makes it the ideal color for shopping windows.




At the door and at the shops sign, red color highlights the company’s presence from afar.



In offices where we want to emphasize the strong personality of the company,
the use of red color encourages the attendees to work with intensity and passion.

Give it a try!

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