Kids Room Decoration Tips and Ideas 3

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Kids Room Decoration Tips and Ideas

Kids Room

Decorating your kid’s room can be one of the most fun home decorating projects you’ll find.

Kid’s room decor should be about imagination and creativity.

The sky … or the jungle, a castle, the sea or any of a hundred other realms of imagination … really is the limit!

Try to get your child involved in the project as much as possible, letting them help steer your selection of a theme, colors and design elements.

To get your kids room decorating project started, I have assembled a number of ideas and tips to help inspire you.

Picking a Theme

What are your child’s interests? Begin by looking at your child’s favorite books and artwork for ideas.

You know what your son or daughter likes to pretend play the most, so use that to get inspiration for your theme.

If your daughter loves nature, birdies and trees, butterflies or hearts, animals, flowers or letters.

Choose a theme from something that she loves.

If your boys tend to love cars, maps, music or the sea, use that to get inspiration for their room’s decoration theme.

Always remember safety is an important part of any kids’ room decor.

If you child is a restless sleeper, bunk beds may not be the best choice.

Never use decorating elements that could cause your child to choke or sustain injuries.

A good theme for your kids’ room will also help direct your choice of colors, patterns and decorating elements.

Choosing a Color Scheme

Start by choosing the background color you’ll use to paint the walls and ceiling, your flooring material and borders.

Choosing a primary fabric and pattern will help guide your efforts.

Choose fabrics, wallpaper and wallpaper border patterns to help reinforce your theme and color scheme.

You will want to select a main print or pattern to set the overall tone of your kids’ room.

Select your accessories, fabrics, wall art and other design elements to coordinate and with the primary fabric pattern and colors.

By selecting complementary colors for all design elements, you can bring together all of the design elements that help support your theme.

It’s best to select one a common background color, even when using different prints in one room.

You can select prints and patterns in different size scales, like a wallpaper border with large hearts and perhaps the same or a similar pattern with smaller hearts to use in fabrics or curtains for instance.

Creating affordable framed art is easy if you simply use artwork your child has created him or herself, photographs, cart postal or by clipping pictures from magazines or books.

Choosing a Focal Point and Design Elements

You’ll want to select a main focal point for your kids’ room decor.

Often time, this may be the bed, but you could also use a wall mural or a display shelf as the main point of interest.

Your focal point reinforces and sets the theme you have chosen.

Really use your imagination when planning and selecting decorative elements.

If your son loves baseball, basketball or football, use team pennants on a wall or display an autographed ball on the display shelf.

You might have a wall mural of his favorite ballpark or player at bat!

Of course, you’ll also want to find bedding that coordinates with the theme and color palette.

Hearts, flowers and dolls in pinks, purples and greens work well in most girls’ room color schemes, while red, yellow or blue tend to work well in a boy’s room.

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