Wall Art for Brown Walls 1

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Wall Art for Brown Walls

Further to my post entitled  ” Decorating with Brown ” many of you sent me replies with  their  decision  to add this cozy color to their space.
There are some subtle, useful information I want to share with you.

About wall art, i.e.  art, paintings, objects you can  fit with  brown hues.

Wall Art for Brown Walls

No matter the colors used in your paintings or photographs, keeping the mats a bright beige or crisp white will ensure they stand out against a dark brown wall.

If your artwork isn’t matted, simply lighten up the color of the frame.

Frames or mats in an accent color that is taken from the artwork or used elsewhere in the room would work well.

A silver, nickel or gold frame would also contrast nicely.

Another framing technique that works well on dark walls is the glass sandwich.

The print or photo is “sandwiched” between two larger panes of glass and framed.

The excess glass between the edges of the print and the frame allow the wall color behind to show through.

Use artwork that is light in color for a really pretty effect.

No matter how you frame it, the colors in your artwork can work with the brown to create whatever mood you are trying to evoke.

For a soft and calming room, choose lighter shades of brown to blend smoothly and add richness.

For a more vibrant look, add bursts of energy with hot pinks, yellows and blues.

One of my favorite combinations is black and white or sepia photos framed with black.

Incorporate mirrors or candle holders with mirrored finishes.

This will add sparkle to dark brown walls and lighten up the entire room.

Dark paint has a tendency to suck the light out of a room.

So add candles, wall sconces and other reflective surfaces wherever appropriate.

Try an oversize mirror with a silver or nickel frame flanked by a pair of wall sconces for an elegant and timeless look.

See you soon! xe

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