Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ Metallic Colors


has clearly arrived
and with it beautiful, fresh days
as the sun plays hide and seek with the passing clouds.
This is a good occasion for you to add decorational warmth to your house,
drawing inspiration from the unique Autumn colors.

Metals are ideal for capturing Autumn hues.
Silver, Copper, Gold and Bronze,
in their natural or oxidized state, are ideal for capturing Autumn hues.


Flushed red, pink, yellow, orange, green, brown, beige, matte black, white, gray and cream,
are colors that belong to the element of metal.

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How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks * e-learning Webinars* by Elena Arsenoglou – Beyond Decoration

e – learning  Webinars
How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks

I am in a very good period, once again :) My Techniques on Feng Shui, which I study, develop and use as an interior designer the last almost 20 years, are working excellent for me and for my clients and the satisfaction is great for all of us.

So I decided, as I think about it a long time, that this knowledge, this treasure, which can benefit other people, must be shared.
I see how Feng Shui works for me, I see how it works for my clients, who motivate me very much the last period, to spread these techniques of Feng Shui that managed to transform holistic our lives for the better.

If it is working for us, it can work for you!

Young woman holding pen and diary, smiling

So (with the endless view of the sea as a background, from my new, larger studio because business are rising with Feng Shui), I created this webinar, which you can easily attend from anywhere you are, any time of the day you prefer, from your sofa, and even from your sunbed if you are on holiday.
This online seminar promises you that after five weeks, with only one lesson per week, you will be able alone to transform with the Feng Shui method your life, your business, but also the lives of the people you care about, for the better, forever!

This year’s Autumn season for those who decide to provide this opportunity of growth and prosperity to themselves, will be the starting station for a Prosperous & Happy Life. Because unquestionably it is worth investing in things that help us to make our lives better and there is no better time than now to start living your dreams.

Participation in the Webinar here

About the Seminar

The seminar will take place over the Internet and will last for five weeks.
At the beginning of each week you will receive from me the week’s material in electronic form in your mailbox, via e-book, video and mp3. audio courses and your tasks.
When you complete the week’s tasks, you will send them to me electronic for correction.
There will be a chat room for communication between us.
The fifth and last week, we will apply all what you’ve learned in a real ground plan, where you can use your home’s or workplace’s ground plan for a double benefit.
For your completion on the seminar, you will get a certificate of attendance.

This seminar is an excellent idea to offer it as a training course to your employees and to include the costs of the seminar to your business accounts, be sure that your benefit will be much, much bigger than your cost .

Online Seminar: How to Learn Feng Shui in 5 weeks

Seminar starts on:

Monday, August 1, 2016 (in greek language)
Monday, September 5, 2016 (in english language)
Monday, October 3, 2016 (in greek language)
Monday, November 7, 2016 (in english language)

Duration: 5 weeks
Fee 1000 euros

Important Information – Reward

If you believe that this seminar could be useful for a friend of yours, you recommend it to him and he sign up, you both get 25% off and you attend the seminal at a preferential price of 750 euros each one of you.

The detail content of the seminar can be viewed at the end of this email

Participation in the Webinar here

Useful Information

I realize every day that many people with finance, health or relationship problems and many others, they do not know that with Feng Shui they can give immediate and long-term solutions to their problems. By this immemorial method that has given incredible prosperity throughout China since it’s spread to the People of China and ceased to be the privilege only of the Emperor but and in all parts of the world where they were given the real potential of Feng Shui, which wholeheartedly I want to share with you and help you to make your lives more smiling.

Below I give a small sample of highly successful people and businesses who are using Feng Shui and consider it as an integral part of their success.


Madonna, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Jerry Hall, Sting, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, Sir Richard Branson, Donna Karan, Oprah Winfrey and Tommy Hilfiger.

Corporate Offices & Towers: Trump Tower New York City, Wall Street Journal, Telus, Merrill Lynch, and Coca-Cola.

Hotels: Hilton, MGM Grand Hotel, Bellagio Hotel, Caesars Palace, Mirage Resorts, Casino Niagara and Cosmopolitan

Banks: Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, Citibank, HSBC, Texas First National, Mutual of New York, Guaranty Trust Bank of England, Chase Manhattan and Standard Charter Bank of London

Taylor Morley Homes, Ponderosa Homes
The United Nations
White Sox Stadium, Chicago
Creative Artists Agency, Beverly Hills
American Chamber of Commerce

My love to you all and I will be happy to talk to you in the chat room of this unique seminar.

Elena Arsenoglou

Participation in the Webinar here

Seminar Content

1st week
Introduction to Feng Shui
Fundamentals of the Method That Can Change Your Life
Qi – Yin Yang – 5 Elements

2nd week
Method Pa-Kua – Part I
Secrets of Prosperity in 8 Areas of Life
Personal Growth- Knowledge
Health – New Opportunities
Wealth – Prosperity

3rd week
Method Pa-Kua – Part II
The Secrets to Prosperity in 8 Areas of Life
Fame & Reputation
Relationships – Marriage
Creativity – Children
Travel – Assistants

week 4
The Power of Objects
In this chapter we will see in details all objects and symbols and how they affect our lives, positively or negatively.

week 5
Practical training
We do Feng Shui into a real plan, you can use your home or workplace ground plan

Zen Seafront Villa in Schinias – Greece for Sale


There are countless cases, and I am sure you have similar experiences, where moving to a new space can cause great windfall, economic growth or impose unexplained problems.

So when a customer asks for my help in finding for him the right home or workplace to buy or rent, there are some basic things I check before I let him get into the process to see the property.
The first point to check is the reason why the last owners are departing.
When a house comes up for sale and the reason is because the owners transferred into something even better, this is the first and the main indicator that the house has good Feng Shui and growth energy for its owners.

This is the case with this stunning seaside villa with the minimalist architecture which is located in Schinias and it will be extremely gratifying for me the new owners to be readers of my block and have the same great progress of the two beloved friends, owners of the villa now.

Apart from this and all the other points make this property the ideal choice for purchase.

As you can see in the pictures this highly conserved minimalist house of the 459 sqm., with additional assistant spaces of 98 sqm., is positioned at the most appropriate point of the 2,000 sqm land. According to Feng Shui ideal location for a space, the presence of the hill at the back of the house offers protection to the owners, the stone fence that surrounds the entire land offers security, rich vegetation provides complete privacy and the huge SCUCO windows offer panoramic sea views from every room of the house.

This house has been built with lots of love by its owners, who also have undeniable aesthetics and this is something that you can feel at every step you make on the land, especially when you use the amazing crystal elevator, when you are taking walks on the stone paths in the majestic garden with the olive trees , the lush flower beds with the Greek plants and flowers or you enjoy the 87 sqm. pool that becomes one with the sea.

The house consists of two large living rooms, two dining rooms, office, two large, bright ergonomic kitchens, almost professional with special storage areas, three large bedrooms with their own WC and possibility with easy configuration of a fourth large bedroom.
There is also laundry area, two independent apartments for the staff, two large storerooms, a central heating, a last technology alarm system and video surveillance, two fireplaces, wooden floors of 1st quality Iroko wood, a large outdoor covered area with barbeque, two garages, and a central telephone system with WiFi.

The house also has the excellent ability to be split and be used as two houses with separate entrances and garages.

Distance from the Northern suburbs of Athens 40 ”
Distance from El. Venizelos airport 30″ and from the center of Athens 50″

The price of this dreamy property is 2,000.000 euros
If you need any further information you can contact with me here

Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_1 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_2 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_3 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_4 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_5 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_6 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_7 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_8 Seafront_Villa_In_Shinias_9

Tropical Decoration Style


Temperatures are getting really high these days!
With my following decorative tips you can add a high dose of
freshness to your spaces – Welcome to the tropics!!


My secret to create a tropical feeling in a space is to add just 1 element.

But it is very important the way I use this element and in which areas so I will get the refreshing, needed tropical feeling. This is the step to make this tropical feeling real.

STEP 1. Tropical Patterns

Whether is about natural plants or patterns on fabrics,
the pattern of tropical plants is the king of tropical decoration.


By adding tropical plants to your space you can have quickly and easily an exotic effect to your decoration.
If plants are placed in a dense point the feeling is amazing. At this spot you can add some seats to create a small oasis of relaxation. Ideal to combine are furniture and decorative from wood, rattan, bamboo or colorful metal.


For an even more bright effect you can add on the wall behind the plants dense a wall mural with an exotic composition or an exotic scenery to have a more three-dimensional effect.


In some cases even the use of a wallpaper with tropical plants pattern can give you the same result.


Even in smaller compositions or arrangements by the use of individual leafs, tropical plants can give you a very refreshing effect.





I love to use tropical plants and leafs into the bathroom and automatically transport to an exotic and dreamy space!! The feel of an exotic spa is very easy as you see to be achieved by adding exotic plants.


A table setting by using exotic leaves in decoration can easily acquire exotic theme and offer your guests the relaxation and the freshness of tropical vacation.








In textiles, paintings and decorative, the use of tropical motifs even without the presence of natural tropical plants is stunning and can give excellent results. In conjunction of course with natural tropical plants is magic!


An easy and quick way to create a tropical fresh look is by adding some decorative pillows with tropical leaf patterns on the bed or sofa.



Tropical motifs show excellent when combined with black & white fabrics and natural materials.

One of the most timeless combination is with animal prints.

Dare it for a very impressive result!




At your linen tropical patterns also look amazing !! You can find on stores or buy a impressive good quality fabric and sew a runner, placemats or napkins for your dinning table.


Give depth and freshness even in the most monotonous wall.

Select Tropical motifs and themes for your frames.


As you can see it is very easy to add a tropical air to your decor for the summer. I gave you the inspiration keys and now what remains is to let your imagination run wild and create magical and dreamy spaces only with the patterns of tropical plants.
I will be happy if you share with us the result of your efforts !!
Good luck and have an amazing refreshing summer! Elena

Art Athina 2016 – Pictures & Videos


With lots of smiles and success, Beyond Decoration Studio, completed it’s presence in Art Athina 2016, one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe.

The entire stand was designed by me according to Feng Shui method, which was perceived by all the visitors as they felt the different, positive and harmonious energy of the stand.


The impressive works of Nikos, selected and positioned in the right directions according to the shapes, colors and materials, gave the stand a magical feel with their lighting. My “Yin Yang” dinning table stole the hearts of visitors and media and the “golf armchairs” was the hot spot for relaxation of visitors.Art Athina 2016

“Yin Yang” dinning table
Marble with crystal lighting 1.60
designer Elena J. Arsenoglou




“Black & White”
Floor Sculpture of Plexiglass with lighting
designer Nikos Maros




Sconce with Mirror and Light 40×40
designers Elena J. Arsenoglou & Nikos Maros




Floor Sculpture of Plexiglass with lighting
designer Nikos Maros



Plexiglass with Lighting 150×150
designer Nikos Maros




“Golf Armchairs”
Handmade Armchairs
Lacquer with Beyond Decoration Studio fabrics
designer Elena J. Arsenoglou





“Hammer Matrix”
Sculpture with Plexiglass and Lighting 126×63
designer Nikos Maros



Plexiglass with Lighting 100×150
designer Nikos Maros




“Antique loves Modern” Dinning Chairs
Antique 200 years old Chairs 200, renovated with handmade rattan, lacquer and very modern Missoni fabrics
designer Elena J. Arsenoglou



“Black – Mirrored”
Plexiglass with Lighting 80×80
designer Nikos Maros



Many dear friends, partners and art lovers visited our stand, witch was co-created with my husband, designer Nikos Maros with love and respect for art.

Beautiful moments of joy and smiles … and what else to do when you are in honor to be visited by dear friends and great artist, such as the unique Costas Varotsos.


Elena Arsenoglou, Nikos Maros, Costas Varotsos.


Elena Arsenoglou, Costas Varotsos.

Our beloved friend, Katy Garbi, a lover of art, honoured us with her presence and was charmed by Niko’s art “Red”.


Kaiti Garmpi.


Nikos Maros, Kaiti Garmpi.


Kaiti Garmpi, Elena Arsenoglou.

With the beautiful Angelika Maros, agent of MISSONI HOME in Greece, we choose from the new catalog of Missoni products for summer.


Angelika Marou, Elena Arsenoglou.

It was our great pleasure and honour the visit of the beautiful lady Zoe Keletseki at our stand. Her creations have always been for me a source of inspiration.


Our dearest friends and collaborators, Amalia Skourti and Evgenios Pierris honoured us with their presence and for once again they enchanted us with their wonderful manners.


Evgenios Pierris, Amalia Skourti.


Eli & Giorgos Ikonomopoulos, Angelo Riach, Elena Arsenoglou, Nikos Vernikos.


Nikos Maros, Paul Tsouloufris.


Theodore Drakopoulos.


Elena Arsenoglou, Kiriakos Hatzimixailidis, Nikos Maros.


Elena Arsenoglou, Maria Kordellou.


Elena Arsenoglou, Amalia Skourti.


Nikos Maros, Theodore Drakopoulos.


Katerina Baltioti, Evgenios Pierris, Amalia Skourti, Elena Arsenoglou.

A very interesting experience, we renew our appointment for the next year Art Athina 2017!