Christmas Decorating Trends for 2017 – Metallic Hues


Decor in metallic hues are the best you can choose for your 2017 Christmas decor.

Bronze, gold, silver and metallic pastel shades of pink and blue in your Christmas decorations will create in your room a very trendy and bright mood.


Colors of these ornaments are particularly suited with white or snow-covered trees and white lighting.


Do not hesitate to use wrapping paper or ribbon in the same color like the ornaments you choose for your tree, it will be very impressive.














Decorating Ideas for Christmas with Fresh Branches


Decorating for Christmas with fresh branches is a wonderful, fast and very budget friendly idea, which can be combined with the decoration of a Christmas tree but it can comfortably stand independently and create in your space the beauty and the warmth of Christmas season.

I picked out for you some very beautiful pictures from my files to get inspired and create your own beautiful arrangement of fresh branches for your Christmas decorations.


Glass jars look really beautiful in such compositions.

Only change the water frequently to keep it clean.


In such compositions multi color ornaments are looking very nice. Feel free to use single ornaments for a mix & match result. Alternatively it looks really nice with α category of ornaments, for example only metal ornaments or no ornaments at all if you will use small branches.


On small branches is preferable to hang a few or no ornaments at all, and just put some Christmas items near them.








This idea is also very beautiful and in groups of two or more branches, ideally at different heights they are creating a more harmonious arrangement.




I hope you enjoyed the ideas! Have a lovely day, love, Elena

Smart Tips to Decorate with Small Christmas Trees


A small Christmas tree can be a great solution for small spaces or if you are just looking for alternative ideas for your Christmas decoration or you are like me and you want to add several Christmas compositions to different rooms of your home.
My advice for this case is to “keep it in a box”!
Select items that you already have and you can use as container such as a vase, a champagne or an ice tray, a basket or even paper bags or natural packing paper, use your imagination I am sure you will find a lot of things to use!! and place inside the one you choose your small tree.
Below I give you some ideas to get inspired for the style that fits in your space.
Good luck with your efforts !!


With Paper Bags or Natural Wrapping Paper
You can do miracles!

This is the perfect idea for spaces with modern organic, vintage or Scandinavian decoration style.
The rooms that love this idea the most are the kitchen and teens bedrooms. With mini size trees this idea can work perfectly as a dinning table centrepiece for your holiday table setting.
This concept doesn’t need to many ornaments, in most cases only a few lights are enough. If you place it in your kitchen it looks amazing with gingerbread cookies. As for the style of ornaments that fits to these trees are the wooden and the vintage Christmas ornaments.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_1smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_3 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_4

Vintage Boxes
Are like magic tools for the decoration of your home and you can use them in countless ways throughout the year, this time of the year they can beautifully host your Christmas tree.


In a Basket
Result is fast and beautiful, you can even use your towel basket from your bathroom. On these style of trees, white color ornaments, pon pon, small white stuffed animals, but also black and white cards are looking great.
I recommend this idea also as a gift! You can buy a few baskets and small trees and you can have your last minute gifts.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_7 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_8

Any Ceramic or Metal Container
You already have at your home can support this wonderful idea.
Try one in white color because it makes great contrast with the green colour of the tree and add a cheerful touch of color by placing a beautiful ornament with ribbon on your containers neck.


Galvanised Pots
Are wonderful and very practical throughout the year and often they host fresh herbs in our kitchen. Whether you choose to keep your herbs and add as the previous idea an ornament with ribbon in the pots neck or you like to replace herbs with small trees, this idea will be as beautiful and timeless and extremely suitable for your kitchen.


Your Silverware
Are one of the most classy elements you can use for this idea. An impressive champagne bowl, an ice tray, a vase, even a trophy, with a small tree inside can create a unique and impressive Christmas arrangement in your space for the holidays.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_11 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_12

I hope you enjoyed the ideas and you got inspired so much that you will start right away to give your space a festive look!!
Lots of kisses & Love, Elena

5 Top Ideas for Alternative Christmas Tree Decoration


And suddenly we realise that Christmas is on the way and the beloved December is just a week away :)

This year I want to share with you easy but fabulous ideas to inspire you create a stunning seasonal decoration for you and your beloved ones.

So, lets get started!!

With these great alternative ideas to help you have a really unforgettable Christmas Tree this year!!

A and Ι don’t want to forget! The best recipe for a successful energy to whatever you do is to do it with good mood and love!

Themed Christmas Tree from Driftwood

With driftwood from the beach, Christmas lights and a few small toys, as you see in the picture below, you can do miracles and turn these 3 simple materials to an impressive Alternative Christmas Tree which fits ideally into children rooms and more! This Christmas Tree with some changes to the objects that you will put onto the driftwood it can be converted into a different themed Christmas Tree to fit to each space.

How to do it? Easy..
Form the shape of a tree on the floor with the driftwoods and secure them with the lights(lights will work as a rope), hang it on the wall from a pin and cover the pin area with a star. Then place the objects you want, which you can secure with a glue gun for better stability.


Modern Christmas Tree from Paper

Here is another beloved and magnificent idea to create an Alternative Modern Christmas Tree with just 3 simple materials also!! With some Christmas lights, a few ornaments and 2 meter of black packing paper you can have in a few minutes this great Alternative Christmas tree below which is ideal not only for the house but for stores or offices, especially where there isn’t lot of space.
Just cut out of the paper the shape of a simple tree and stick it on the wall with some double face tape, secure the lights with pins and add a few impressive ornaments. Vouala!

As you see in the picture, a little greenery next to these Alternative Christmas Tree from Paper adds life and 3d dimension feeling to the set up.


Fabulous Christmas Tree with Chalk on the Wall

Oh yes! I like the stunning results we can get from 3 simple material to create a fabulous Alternative Christmas Tree with chalk on the wall.
Just draw a geometric Christmas Tree on your wall with a chalk, fit the lights in u shape and add on multi of impressive ornaments.


Stunning Christmas Tree from Packing Paper

If you are a big fun of presents or you own a store with presents, try this simple but stunning idea to create an Alternative Christmas Tree from packing papers!
With about 10 rolls of packing paper which you will cut in different lengths, create the shape of a tree on your wall, in motion style, and secure them on the wall with some double face tape. Add a touch of light and your ornaments, which ideally can be stars and ribbons.


Wonderful Minimalistic Christmas Tree from Wood

And for the end, but not last to my preferences, is this great idea!
On a sheet of wood, such as plywood, give the shape of a tree (the simple shapes you can cut them on your own with a saw but for the more complex designs like the one in the picture below you have to cut it with a router) , then rub the edges with sandpaper, prime and paint. Put the lights around the tree to illuminate it also from behind and attach it to your wall. This is a wonderful and modern idea, to create an alternative minimal Christmas Tree made from wood.


I hope you enjoyed the ideas and you’ll make the best of them for your Christmas Decoration! For more unique ideas stay tuned to my blog_MyLife
love, Elena

Welcome October with the Right Hues in your Decor ~ Metallic Colors


has clearly arrived
and with it beautiful, fresh days
as the sun plays hide and seek with the passing clouds.
This is a good occasion for you to add decorational warmth to your house,
drawing inspiration from the unique Autumn colors.

Metals are ideal for capturing Autumn hues.
Silver, Copper, Gold and Bronze,
in their natural or oxidized state, are ideal for capturing Autumn hues.


Flushed red, pink, yellow, orange, green, brown, beige, matte black, white, gray and cream,
are colors that belong to the element of metal.

welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_2 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_3 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_4 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_5 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_6 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_7 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_8 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_9 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_10 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_11 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_12 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_13 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_14 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_15 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_16 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_17 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_18 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_19 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_20 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_21 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_22 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_23 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_24 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_25 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_26 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_27 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_28 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_29 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_30 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_31 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_32 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_33 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_34 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_35 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_36 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_37 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_38 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_39 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_40 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_41 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_42 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_43 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_44 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_45 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_46 welcome_october_with_the-right_hues_in_your_deco_47 Wallpapers Market