DIY – Potato Stamp Christmas Wrapping Paper


I like so much the smart ideas which with the minimum cost and very simple materials you can create wonderful things.

Like this one idea to create our own wrapping paper from a potato !!



The materials you will need are incredibly easy

Ink stamp
Monochrome papers
Fresh greenery
( Optionally ) Small gold Christmas ornaments, such as bells


Process is extremely easy!

Cut a potato in half, and create with a sharp knife the shape of a very simple tree.

Press your potato tree stamp onto the ink and then capture trees onto your paper and it’s ready !!!


In a few minutes when the ink is dry you can use the paper to wrap your gifts!
Finish with a some string in natural or white color, on which you can fix and your finishing decorations, such as a little fresh greenery or Christmas bells etc.


Isn’t it a wonderful idea? If you have kids I suggest you to make this craft with your kids, they will just love it!
Many kisses, Elena

30 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas


Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments during the holiday season is when our beloved ones open the gifts we are giving them.
The joy can be even greater if you have taken care with taste and decorating the packaging of your gift.
In this post I will suggest you different gift wrapping ideas to get inspired and select the one that fits best your present.


Like Diamonds & Stars are… Forever

Draw a pattern of a star on thick cardboard, cut it around and make on the star a pinhole with thick needle.

Τhen fix it on your pack with some thin rope.


You can use the same idea with a few smaller stars.

This time you will stick two stars with some glue and between them you will have inserted the string with which you will wrap your gift.


Big Star
This is a great idea, especially if you have a sewing machine, but you can have a very good result and by hand sewing.

Cut two same stars from thin paper sew them together around up to a point to pass in your present and then sew the remaining opening.

This gift packing is perfect for clothes, socks, caps, gloves, etc.


Natural Paper with Fresh Greenery

Stamped or plain, natural paper for gift wrapping is timeless and beloved.

Dare this year to add a touch of fresh greenery on this pack, the result will amaze you.


In this pack prefer natural materials for the ribbon, such as fabric, burlap or rope.

Wonderful are also ribbons or tags with messages.





Fresh greenery looks especially beautiful with red color details which may be on your plant or your ribbon.




Natural paper can be found in various colors,

black looks great with greenery and natural skipping ropes, prefer it for men’s gifts.


Alternatively you can wrap your gift with suede ribbon and decorate with metal bells.

You can even stick a few stars on the paper for a more bright result.


Also a gold color pen can do miracles in a simple black paper.

Draw stars, mistletoe, greetings and the name of the recipient of the gift!


Personalize your Gifts

In stores you can find very impressive letters or you can create your own easily from paper and decorate them with glitter.


Another favorite idea for personalizing your gift is to draw with a thick marker the credentials of the recipient of your gift !!


Printable or ready from market gift tags are of my favorite  because they combine personification with seasonal pattern.


Another great idea for personalizing your gifts are beads with letters, with which you can create any message or name you wish as you pass them through the ribbon you will use to wrap your gift.


Wrapping Paper with Personality

Music score paper or book page are lovely to wrap small gifts. Do not worry if you do not have such papers, you can find on Internet the music score of your favorite Christmas song and print it on paper, as I did, and I made placemats for my Christmas table setting.



Plaid or black & white wrapping paper is also a great option,

especially if you decorate them with fresh greenery!


If your gift has to do with food, these ideas are very useful to you !!

For deli flavors choose fabric boxes, wrap with fine shiny fabric ribbons and a tag.

You can give a unique personality in this wrapping idea by placing a small silver ornament, as it is used bellow, a silver teaspoon, and some fresh greenery.


If this year you are thinking to be a master chef in your kitchen and cook traditional sweets or bake ginger biscuits, the following idea is what you need to convert your cooking skills in a delicious gift.

You can find easily in the market paper boxes in many shapes and sizes.

Don’t forget to put some waxed paper first and then your sweets, this will protect your box.

Then wrap it with natural ribbon and fresh greenery.


You can try the easy recipe i posted for ginger biscuits ornaments and use them for this purpose!
Oh! and make a few with one-two holes as shown in the photo below, which you can use for the decoration of the packaging of your sweet gift!

you can read the recipe for the “Easy Christmas Cookie Ornaments” here


Tea, nuts, jam and biscuits can wonderfully be placed in cloth pouches also.


Red lollipops look fabulous on gift wrapping and they are great for both kids and adults!


Vintage Beauty

From the most simple, yet impressive gift wrapping for each sex and age are those below.

A simple natural paper with a pen, a few stamps and some string can be converted into a lovely vintage gift box.



A cart or a black & white photograph can provide the same aesthetic vintage effect with an easier way as you see in the picture below.


I hope you enjoyed the ideas and got plenty of inspiration for your own unique and wonderful gifts for your loved ones.
Many kisses, Elena

Christmas Decorating Trends for 2017 – Metallic Hues


Decor in metallic hues are the best you can choose for your 2017 Christmas decor.

Bronze, gold, silver and metallic pastel shades of pink and blue in your Christmas decorations will create in your room a very trendy and bright mood.


Colors of these ornaments are particularly suited with white or snow-covered trees and white lighting.


Do not hesitate to use wrapping paper or ribbon in the same color like the ornaments you choose for your tree, it will be very impressive.














Decorating Ideas for Christmas with Fresh Branches


Decorating for Christmas with fresh branches is a wonderful, fast and very budget friendly idea, which can be combined with the decoration of a Christmas tree but it can comfortably stand independently and create in your space the beauty and the warmth of Christmas season.

I picked out for you some very beautiful pictures from my files to get inspired and create your own beautiful arrangement of fresh branches for your Christmas decorations.


Glass jars look really beautiful in such compositions.

Only change the water frequently to keep it clean.


In such compositions multi color ornaments are looking very nice. Feel free to use single ornaments for a mix & match result. Alternatively it looks really nice with α category of ornaments, for example only metal ornaments or no ornaments at all if you will use small branches.


On small branches is preferable to hang a few or no ornaments at all, and just put some Christmas items near them.








This idea is also very beautiful and in groups of two or more branches, ideally at different heights they are creating a more harmonious arrangement.




I hope you enjoyed the ideas! Have a lovely day, love, Elena

Smart Tips to Decorate with Small Christmas Trees


A small Christmas tree can be a great solution for small spaces or if you are just looking for alternative ideas for your Christmas decoration or you are like me and you want to add several Christmas compositions to different rooms of your home.
My advice for this case is to “keep it in a box”!
Select items that you already have and you can use as container such as a vase, a champagne or an ice tray, a basket or even paper bags or natural packing paper, use your imagination I am sure you will find a lot of things to use!! and place inside the one you choose your small tree.
Below I give you some ideas to get inspired for the style that fits in your space.
Good luck with your efforts !!


With Paper Bags or Natural Wrapping Paper
You can do miracles!

This is the perfect idea for spaces with modern organic, vintage or Scandinavian decoration style.
The rooms that love this idea the most are the kitchen and teens bedrooms. With mini size trees this idea can work perfectly as a dinning table centrepiece for your holiday table setting.
This concept doesn’t need to many ornaments, in most cases only a few lights are enough. If you place it in your kitchen it looks amazing with gingerbread cookies. As for the style of ornaments that fits to these trees are the wooden and the vintage Christmas ornaments.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_1smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_3 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_4

Vintage Boxes
Are like magic tools for the decoration of your home and you can use them in countless ways throughout the year, this time of the year they can beautifully host your Christmas tree.


In a Basket
Result is fast and beautiful, you can even use your towel basket from your bathroom. On these style of trees, white color ornaments, pon pon, small white stuffed animals, but also black and white cards are looking great.
I recommend this idea also as a gift! You can buy a few baskets and small trees and you can have your last minute gifts.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_7 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_8

Any Ceramic or Metal Container
You already have at your home can support this wonderful idea.
Try one in white color because it makes great contrast with the green colour of the tree and add a cheerful touch of color by placing a beautiful ornament with ribbon on your containers neck.


Galvanised Pots
Are wonderful and very practical throughout the year and often they host fresh herbs in our kitchen. Whether you choose to keep your herbs and add as the previous idea an ornament with ribbon in the pots neck or you like to replace herbs with small trees, this idea will be as beautiful and timeless and extremely suitable for your kitchen.


Your Silverware
Are one of the most classy elements you can use for this idea. An impressive champagne bowl, an ice tray, a vase, even a trophy, with a small tree inside can create a unique and impressive Christmas arrangement in your space for the holidays.

smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_11 smart-tips-to-decorate-with-small-christmas-tree_12

I hope you enjoyed the ideas and you got inspired so much that you will start right away to give your space a festive look!!
Lots of kisses & Love, Elena