Bring a Graphic Edge… Black & White Stripes

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Bring a Graphic Edge Black & White Stripes

An ideal pattern to choose if you want to add drama to any space…or even to any look..

An armchair will never go out of style with a black and white stripe fabric.
In fabrics you can use all the possible stripe ledges and directions to create your personal fav.

A sofa with a black and white stripe fabric becomes the hot elegant spot to any indoor or outdoor living room.

Some of my favorite ways to use black and white stripes at my projects are on walls.

Or on draperies, on floors and on the accents and details.
When I use it on walls by painting or by wallcovering, I prefer to use large stripes.

Horizontal if I want to create a focus point with no movement and vertical stripes if I want to add height to the room.

I choose tiny black and white stripes on walls when I have to deal with a small spaces.

Like a guest bathroom where I need extra drama as a result and usually with some golden details on it.

In some cases, like this project bellow, I choose a large stripe but I mixed it with a themed pattern.

On draperies you have the some results as on walls.

Vertical stripes add height and style to the room and I use them very often in the walking closets, in the boudoir and in the kitchen.

Horizontal black and white stripes on draperies give a more classy finish and are more discreet.

On the floors, black and white stripes pattern always gives a statement result.

I prefer it with tiles or with marble, because it covers the space more softly but also a carpet can give you some good results.

Bringing black and white to the outside of your home, outdoor wallpaper, or as Wall & Decò call it, OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Texture.

How would you use black & white stripes at your spaces?

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