Decorating with White – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

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Decorating with White

Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

1/4 Using White Color on Walls
2/4 Using White Color on Furniture
3/4 Using White Accessories
4/4 Using White Color in Professional Spaces

Strictly speaking, white is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color – the complete energy of light.

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity.

It is considered to be the color of perfection.

Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin.

In Interior decoration white is the most commonly used color, it brings a feel of cleanliness to just about any room.

1.    White Color on Walls

The color white can be used throughout the entire home.

It is more popular especially in areas where bathing, cleaning and food preparation are prevalent.

White reflects all light so it makes spaces appear larger and that is why it is used on ceilings.

White is the color that belongs to the Feng Shui element of Metal. Its Feng Shui energy is clear, clean and fresh.

White color is recommended for the feng shui areas where Metal is the dominant element, such as the West and Northwest areas of your space.

Of course you can also use wall coverings to add white color on your walls.

2. White Color on Furniture

You can also bring the needed white color in your space with furniture.

White furniture are excellent for use anywhere in your home, especially to contrast brighter colors, white is the most versatile color that can help brighten the energy of any challenging room.

3. White Color Accessories

Except furnishing or on walls you can bring white color with accessories, fabrics, china, lighting or black and white photos in white frames.

White goes well with almost any color.
But there are two favourite combinations of mine.
White looks stunning when teamed with black and the absolute classic look when it combines with blue.

4. Using Blue in Professional Spaces

White is useful in businesses where cleanliness is imperative, such as dental surgeries and medical centres.

But these businesses need some green, blue or pink to assist in healing and to create a calm and caring atmosphere for patients.

White is probably the best color to use as the background color for websites.

It allows all other colors to reflect from it and makes all colors except yellow and pastels to be very readable.

With its suggestion of simplicity, cleanliness and safety, white works well for businesses promoting hi-tech products, kitchen appliances, bathroom items, infant and health related products and those promoting order and efficiency.

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