House Tour – Bohemian Apartment Friendly Designed for Kids

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House Tour – Bohemian Apartment Friendly Designed for Kids

Studio Incorporated has designed this bohemian apartment based in New York city.
I found it realy interesting as it has a very friendly design for kids living and as we are in the back to school season,
Take a look, it may offer you some inspiration. xe

Layered Spaces

The family living room possesses all that’s needed to enhance creativity and afford relaxation.

A comfortable, playful sofa has been placed opposite the television for the family to enjoy their favourite films.

At the far end we see a very small kitchen and a table with benches. Which serves as craft area for children’s creations or for serving a casual snack.

The wall furniture painted with turquoise lacquer opposite the sofa is wonderful.

Its shelves host a painting exhibition from the kid’s creations , children’s books and DVD’s.

The tv and the piano also taken up in the construction.

The piano has also been painted with the turquoise lacquer and looks as delightful as ever.

The delightful open library is located next to the sitting area.

Next to the library is the open boy’s playroom.

The doors you see to the left lead to two small rooms used as storage for kid’s games.

The open playroom in action ! Isn’t this wallpaper with the tree trunks wonderful ?

You can use it as background for whatever creation or furniture you wish to place in front and it will look very light.

The dinning room is simple and impressive.

The wall is decorated with tree drunks that have been sliced thinly and have been placed in a slanted manner.

Creating the impression of a natural continuation of the wallpaper with the trunks in the adjacent area.

The family kitchen is painted  with the adorable mint green .

Instead of using tiles they have used one of my beloved techniques, print behind glass.

Print behind glass is a technique I often use in my projects.

On doors closets and kitchen furniture doors and instead of tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.

It is a perfect and affordable idea, it can be cleaned easily and you can fit any picture or design you like behind the glass.

Master bedroom with a very impressive headboard, which is nothing else than a Thai entry door.

Boys Room

The baby’s room painted in white, with a colourful sticker on the wall over the small bed and an armchair in one of the sticker’s colours.

The right combination as I have analyzed in my recent article on kids room decoration.Girl’s Room

Girl’s Bedroom Playhouse

Girl’s Bedroom Playhouse in action!

The home office

In the background you can see the bench used for crafts in the family’s sitting room.

Powder Room

A small bench at the entrance of the house can always be useful for such things as sitting to take off our shoes.

Interiors: Incorporated Architecture and Design

Photography: Annie Schlechter

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