My Decoration blog MYLIFE first anniversary!

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My Decoration blog MYLIFE first anniversary!

Hello MyLife’s friends !
I am very proud and happy as today my blog MY LIFE which is hosted in my personal website enjoys its first anniversary !

Decoration Blog MyLife

Exactly one year ago on 8/9/2011 I started blogging on MYLIFE .

Since then I haven’t missed  an opportunity and have written  3-5 articles per month.

Sharing with my readers pretty and useful things that I come across in my work and life.

I am very touched by the interest and response I have received in this first year of blogging.

  And proud to announce that visits to my site have exceeded 116,000. People from very diverse parts of the planet as all the articles are translated into English.

Your love and support inspired me to share  more ideas and material with you.  And I therefore decided to turn my blog MYLIFE  into a useful tool.

A meeting point for all those aspiring to a happy and fortunate  home, a pretty and prosperous  professional space and a beautiful and smiling life .

I thus added  new and interesting topics and columns  to my blog and modified  its layout so you can trace articles of your interest easily.

As you probably realize the creation of the new look to  my blog has already started for good and  I will be in a position to share it and enjoy it  with you  very shortly.

xo Elena

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