Aromatherapy | Bacteria Buster

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Aromatherapy | BACTERIA BUSTER

With BACTERIA BUSTER you can spray your indoor spaces and the filters of your air conditioner and kill the microbes, bacteria and viruses while, at the same time, you scent your interior spaces wonderfully.

Especially on hot days because of the high temperatures, we spend more time indoors using air conditioners.

The product is ideal for smoking areas.


Wellness Aromatherapy® Bacteria Buster, is an approved product by Wellness Design™ system and is suitable for indoors aromatherapy.

It is available in luxury packages of 50ml at 28 euro.

Wellness Design™ is a globally innovative wellness system aiming to offer modern people the creation of spaces for living, working and having fun, which will work positively for their Health and Well-being.


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Wellness Aromatherapy® Bacteria Buster | Germs Bacteria Viruses Cleaning | Application Instructions

  • Open the windows of the room and spray towards all directions.
  • Close your eyes and spray above the top of your head to clean your energy.
  • Spray the filters of your air conditioner. Alternatively, you can spray on a cotton clothe and hang it in front of your aircondition’s air outlet system.


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