Aromatherapy – Smudge – Energy Cleaning

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Aromatherapy – Smudge – Energy Cleaning

Fill Your Space With Positive Energy & High Vibrations

If you feel stuck, negative, sluggish or even depressed, this may be due to some stagnant energy in your space. Which of course includes your home, office or any other space. Studies show that having negative energy can be extremely damaging to our mental and physical health. One way to get rid of this stagnant energy is by “energy cleansing” (smudging).

The art of energy clearing dates back to antiquity. It is done in various ways such as burning sacred plants or frankincense, using crystals and essential oils, to cleanse energetically and bless a space. A good time to clean a space is when you are starting a new job or career, when a visitor leaves your space, before meditation, after an argument or illness or when you move to a new space.

Aside from increasing your own energy to be happy and healthy, the vibration of your space is also very important for your personal wellbeing. Like everything else, your space has a specific energy. Which means you can increase it positively to create a more welcoming and comfortable space for you and your family and anyone who enters your space.

Room and Aura spray Smudge by Wellness Aromatherapy® is created one by one, during powerful cleansing and protection prayers, with base of holy water and a combination of essential oils, such as sage, quartz crystals and Himalayan salt, that cleanse the air of negative energies, including bacteria and of viruses. You can “cleanse” your space whenever you feel it needs to be cleaned of negativity.

Wellness Aromatherapy® Smudge, is a certified product by Wellness Design™ system and is suitable for indoors aromatherapy.

It is available in packages of 50ml and 100ml, at 38 euro and 58 euro respectively.



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Wellness Aromatherapy® Smudge Energy Cleaning | Application Instructions

  • Open the windows of the space you want to “clean”.
  • Stand in the center of the room and spray in all 4 directions.
  • If in a corner of the space you feel the energy heavy, spray directly in the corner.
  • Close your eyes and spray once over your head, so that you feel Smudge “cleanses” your own energy.
  • If you still feel your energy “heavy” spray also on your back and on your solar plexus.





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