6 Feng Shui Sensual Secrets to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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6 Feng Shui Sensual Secrets to Spice Up Your Sex Life

This is an interesting feng shui topic to write about!

We usually focus on feng shui for love , or feng shui for family harmony.

However, many of us also go through periods of exploring sex and sexuality in a more open context.


Sex is healing, beautiful and very powerful.

Many ancient cultures knew the mysteries and secret healing powers of sexual energy,

and we have yet to learn to respect, understand and be comfortable with the power of our sexuality.

Having said that, here are some feng shui tips to help you attract stronger sexual energy into your life – feng shui tips for sex – as well as to attract a sexual partner to practice with. If you fall in love, do not blame feng shui for it!


1. Create your own feng shui sex cure by clearly expressing your intent in a visual format.

This can be an art piece, a photo, or a small sculpture. From a feng shui cure such as a photo of modern lovers to a small golden sculpture of Shiva & Shakti in sexual union – only you know what you emotionally respond to. Place your feng shui sex cure in the Northwest area of your home or your bedroom.


2. Create a private space that will be supportive of the exchange of sexual energy.

Your bedroom should have good feng shui sexual Chi enhancers, such as warm colors, soft furnishings and a comfortable bed. Clean air with a sweet fragrance of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, sandalwood, neroli or jasmine will increase the sexual drive, as will candlelight and sensual music. Display explicit sexual art to set the desired feng shui for sex energy.


3. Create a good flow of sensual Chi in your bathroom.

The feng shui energies of the bathroom and the bedroom are intricately connected in promoting a strong flow of sexual energy.

4. Check your whole space for the flow of sexual energy.

The feng shui check-up here will be close to the one you will do when checking your space for the feng shui flow of love. The focus, though, will be on sexual activity versus a committed partnership.


5. Increase your personal energy and sexual charisma.

Find out your feng shui birth element and your kua number and have your bed facing one of your best direction. Focus on living and working in places with good energy, on exercising, eating the right foods, etc.


6. Be clear with your partner about the intent to enjoy sexual pleasure without being romantically involved.

This will set the right feng shui energy for your exploration. It will also attract the energy of pleasure without hurtful emotions or misunderstandings.


Ultimately, sex is a powerful yin-yang energy exchange, thus you need to be mindful of the quality of your own energy and the energy of people you want to attract. In the world of feng shui energy, like attracts like, so be what you want to attract.

enjoy guys 😉 xo

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