Brilliant Feng Shui Clutter Clearing System 1

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Brilliant Feng Shui Clutter Clearing System

You know that it is necessary and very positive to do often in our spaces a good cleanup?

Removing objects that you don’t use anymore, which accumulate a static energy, you’re creating space for new things in your lives.

Which are not only material things but new opportunities and situations.

If you cannot get rid of clutter in your home, this brilliant feng shui clearing system by Rodika Tchi is for you.

It is powerful, simple, gentle to your well-being, and, most importantly, it really works.
In order for this brilliant feng shui clearing system to help you, you have to promise yourself to be very brave and honest.

The more honest you are, the more you will benefit from the powerful results of a new, fresh and potent feng shui energy in your home.


Be Brave, Identify All Your Clutter
Learn to identify your clutter: any item that has no place, little use and is not loved by you IS clutter.

It not only clutters your space, it clutters your life, too.


Understand The Secret of Eliminating Clutter for Good

Define the feeling you want to create in your cluttered space and hold on to this feeling strongly.

Create this feeling/energy with the help of various feng shui tools such as essential oils, flowers, candles, music, etc.

Plan & Get the Supplies for Your Clutter Clearing Sessions

After you’ve read and accepted the preparatory feng shui clearing steps, the current step of planning and getting the supplies for your session is a breath of fresh air!

Light and easy, not much explanation is needed here, just follow the simple steps below.


•    Plan the time for your clutter clearing session(s). For the first three sessions, plan no more than 30 min per session.

•    Plan the time to treat yourself after each session.

This IS mandatory, do not skip this step; clutter clearing is hard work, especially on the emotional level.

A nice cup of tea with a friend, a movie or a walk by the beach, you decide.


•    Three (3) bags or boxes. Basically we will be sorting your clutter in 3 categories.

Mark them accordingly as the In Box, the Out Box and the I Don’t Know! Box.

•    A clock to watch the time. You want to stick to the exact time for each session, especially in the beginning.

OK, let’s finally do some clutter clearing!

Your EASY Clutter Clearing Session How To

•  Find an energetic rhythm that works for you and do not slow down.

Active, energizing music can help, you can choose it ahead of time.
•  Place the 3 boxes close to you.

Re-affirm that you do not have to make any choices other than having the IN BOX (the item is needed), the OUT BOX (the item is not needed), or the DON’T KNOW BOX (can’t decide right now) filled.
•  Pick up an item from your clutter pile and QUICKLY place it in one of the 3 boxes.

If you are taking more than 30 sec to 1 minute to decide about an item, you are not doing it right (remember you have the I DON’T KNOW box, use it!)*
•  Proceed in the same energetic rhythm with each item in your clutter pile until the session time is up.

Do not slow down your pace, keep it the same throughout the whole clutter clearing session.
•  Do not go over the initial 30 min.

Once the time is up, you’re done for the day.

Pat yourself on the back and go have some fun. You did great!

Here are some helpful things to know:

•    It is best to have a designated area for clearing clutter (if possible).

So, instead of having piles and piles of clutter in many areas of your home, bring them all to a “clutter central” (in stages, of course!) and work from there.

•    There will definitely be items with strong emotional attachment (often entangled with confusion and guilt) that you will find difficult to deal with.

No worries, just keep placing them in your “I Don’t Know” Box until one day you know.

(You might ask a friend for help with a particularly challenging “I Don’t Know” Box).

•    It is best to plan at least one session a week (but no more than three).

Good Luck!

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