Smart Tips to Decorate with Small Christmas Trees

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Smart Tips to Decorate with Small Christmas Trees

A small Christmas tree can be a great solution for small spaces.

If you are just looking for alternative ideas for your Christmas decoration.

Or you are like me and you want to add several Christmas compositions to different rooms of your home.
My advice for this case is to “keep it in a box”!
Select items that you already have and you can use as container.

Such as a vase, a champagne or an ice tray, a basket or even paper bags or natural packing paper.

Use your imagination I am sure you will find a lot of things to use!! and place inside the one you choose your small tree.
Below I give you some ideas to get inspired for the style that fits in your space.
Good luck with your efforts !!


With Paper Bags or Natural Wrapping Paper

You can do miracles!

This is the perfect idea for spaces with modern organic, vintage or Scandinavian decoration style.
The rooms that love this idea the most are the kitchen and teens bedrooms.

With mini size trees this idea can work perfectly as a dinning table centrepiece for your holiday table setting.
This concept doesn’t need to many ornaments, in most cases only a few lights are enough.

If you place it in your kitchen it looks amazing with gingerbread cookies.

As for the style of ornaments that fits to these trees are the wooden and the vintage Christmas ornaments.




Vintage Boxes

Vintage boxes are like magic tools for the decoration of your home.

You can use them in countless ways throughout the year, this time of the year they can beautifully host your Christmas tree.


In a Basket

In a basket the result is fast and beautiful, you can even use your towel basket from your bathroom.

On these style of trees, white color ornaments, pon pon, small white stuffed animals, but also black and white cards are looking great.
I recommend this idea also as a gift!

You can buy a few baskets and small trees and you can have your last minute gifts.




Any Ceramic or Metal Container

you already have at your home can support this wonderful idea.
Try one in white color because it makes great contrast with the green colour of the tree.

Add a cheerful touch of color by placing a beautiful ornament with ribbon on your containers neck.


Galvanised Pots

Are wonderful and very practical throughout the year and often they host fresh herbs in our kitchen.

Whether you choose to keep your herbs and add as the previous idea an ornament with ribbon in the pots neck

or you like to replace herbs with small trees, this idea will be as beautiful and timeless and extremely suitable for your kitchen.


Your Silverware

Are one of the most classy elements you can use for this idea.

An impressive champagne bowl, an ice tray, a vase, even a trophy,

with a small tree inside can create a unique and impressive Christmas arrangement in your space for the holidays.



I hope you enjoyed the ideas and you got inspired so much that you will start right away to give your space a festive look!!
Lots of kisses & Love, Elena

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