Fall is in the Air ~ DIY Air Fragrance

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Fall is in the Air ~ DIY Air Fragrance

I am always telling you how important it is to live in harmony with each season.

And add to your interiors touches to bring the energy of each season.
The first sense that is switched when we are entering an area is the sense of smell.

A scent can make you remember a place much more strongly than an impressive piece of furniture.


Autumn has just arrived and it is a natural willingness to spend a little more time in our house because of the weather.

So let’s give to our space the smell of autumn, which will relax us and will create us images of autumn.

DIY Air Fragrance

Cloves (spice) and wooden spoon close-up food background

Here is a very clever and easy idea to scent your space naturally with the smells of autumn.

Use a small to medium sized sauce pan and fill it halfway up with water and set it on the stove.

Set the burner to a low-medium setting.


Drop into the water 1-2 cinnamon sticks, a few whole cloves, 2-3 slices of orange, a few drops of vanilla essential oil and 1-2 apple-cinnamon tea bags (Mulling Spices flavor is the ideal).

Do not boil it, just keep the water hot so through the vapor to diffuse the wonderful scents in the space.

Sometimes I place the pan on a kitchen wood and I convey it to any area I want to flavour.

As the water is warm and there are vapors, perfumes will fill the area.

When the water cools down, you can place it back in the kitchen to warm it up again.


xo Elena

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