Decorating with Brown – Part 3/4 Using Brown Accessories – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 1

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Decorating with Brown

Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

subcategory 3/4 Using Brown Color Accessories

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2/4 Using Brown on Furniture

3. Brown Color Accessories

Brown is a color of choice when designing a warm and inviting space. It can create the desired effect even in small doses.

Accessories in brown look a lot more pretty when their  origin is  from natural products such as wood, fabric, ceramic or leather.

You can use brown for lighting hats when you want  to render the warmth of the color to a room.

To the combination of white linen in your bedroom so you can offer the desired relaxation.

And to your sitting area to accompany bright colors. Brown will make them look richer and not fade in the space.

Brown is a magical color and in whatever quantity you decide to use it you will love it very much.


4/4 Using Brown in Professional Spaces


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