Decorating with Brown – Part 2/4 Using Brown on Furniture – Guide for Choosing the Right Colors 2

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Decorating with Brown

Guide for Choosing the Right Colors

subcategory 2/4 Using Brown Color on Furniture

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1/4 Using Brown on Walls

 2. Brown Color on Furniture

Different shades of brown can work very well together, even on the same furniture like this custom chair.

Brown furniture work well with every color palette, but there are some more popular combinations widely used in interior decoration.

Even in an eclectic fabric, the mix of warm brown and cool blue or grey feels natural―think earth and sky.

Brown with Lavender or pink is a soft, feminine combination that brings a masculine brown to life.

Brown with Yellow. This sunny combination can feel both retro and―with simple, clean-lined furnishings―contemporary.

Brown with Green as you can see is like taking two doses of relaxation and is one of the best combinations for country style decoration.


3/4 Using Brown Color Accessories


4/4 Using Red in Professional Spaces


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