7 Top Styling Secrets by Image Maker Irene Dimas

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7 Top Styling Secrets by Image Maker Irene Dimas

Today ,we have the pleasure to have with us the talented image maker Irene Dimas.

Irene can project the personality of a woman with 100% percent success.
Women who already know her and co operate with her are very grateful.

So, it’s a big pleasure for us as well to have her with us, ready to reveal her secrets to you.

7 Top Styling Secrets Image by Maker Irene Dimas

E: How a woman’s style is shaped by a specialist?

I: Style, obviously expresses the part of our self that we want to state to the world . To bring out the aspects of our self and our strength.
Style, is a personal matter and signifies that our inner self and our outter self , are in complete balance and it doesn’t only have to do with the hairstyle.
Style is a way of life, the way we buy a car, the the way we decorate our places , the athletic activities we choose , in other words , what we call ‘’life style’’.

Which is the first step a woman should take , in order to create her own style?

At first, she must not copy , she should not be ‘’fashion victim’’. She must trust herself and take the advice of specialists in case she can’t do it herself. Many women , usually 45 years and over, believe that by filling the wardrobe with fancy brands makes them stylish and impressive which does not respond to reality.

The point is , to be able to harmonize the inner character with the outter image
When I’m called to help a woman create her own style , I observe her carefully. The way she moves, the way she touches her hair, how she expresses herself. I also use questionnaires and specific tests in order to understand her personality and consequently help her . The goal is not to impose herself with her clothing appearance but with the whole air she emits.

When you finish with the clothing experience how do you continue?

I continue with the prosopology. After the conversation with the person , I find out if one wants something balanced /casual , or extreme on the hair. I want to be sure that when one leaves , will be just himelf/herself. I never insist on doing something one is not comfortable with. My goal is to help the person express him/herself in the best possible way.

A woman that adored you is Malvina Karali. Would you please tell us something about that?

At the particular period that Malvina called me, she was going for a revolutionary and commanding , so we worked for this result and I think we did great. She was an adorable person and I feel blessed that I met her.

Which are the criteria to choose the right color in our hair?

The secret of choosing the hair color is to have the knowledge to analyze the skin tones . There are 6 different skin color tones and according to the skin tone , we choose the right colors for our hair and makeup. The right color hairtone give out have a natural glow and in many cases make up is not needed.

Do you believe that the right make up , the right colors and the right haircut could have a face lift effect in a woman’s appearance ?

The knowledge and the many years of experience that I have by now ,allow me to tell you with certainty that ‘’yes’’, with the right haircut , one can have a face lift effect as long as one knows how to emphasize it, based on the prosopology and the geometry of the face.

Which is your opinion on accessories?

Accessories , play a significant part in our wardrobe and the way me choose them and use them is just as important

I would like to thank Eirini for the time she dedicated to us and for the precious advice she gave us to create our personal and impressive style.

Eirini promised to be with us soon to share more tips on how to choose the right color to compliment our appearance.
You can find Eirini at her personal place at Glyfada

Adress: Mpotsari 11 16675 Glyfada – Athens

Τ. 210 8946627 & 210 8943775

Monday Closed (“Mondamorphosis” after appointment)

Tuesday 09.30 – 20.00

Wednesday 09.30 – 16.00

Thursday 09.00 – 20.00

Friday 09.30 – 20.00

Saturday 08.30 – 17.00


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