10 Favorite Bedroom Color Schemes

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Spring is an ideal season to refresh your bedroom colors.

These are ten of my favorite color schemes for the beloved bedroom.

Coral-Orange + Aqua Blue + Latte White

Prefer cream white for your walls and furniture.
Add a touch of color in your linen with coral and ensure that blue will be present in artworks, decorative or as a complementary color in your textile.

Slate + Lemon + Cloud

If you want a dramatic look for your bedroom this is an ideal choice for you.
Paint in slate gray your walls and place a couple of pillows on your bed with the same color.
Cloud gray will illuminate the space if you use it for your bed’s cover and your floor’s carpet.
Then lemon color is what you need to give bright to the atmosphere, in details.

Pearl White + Cream + Black

A classic but great combination. Pearl white on white with black details.

Taupe + Cream + Squash

Taupe with cream and squash details loves light and creates a very relaxed feeling in bright bedrooms.

Poppy Red + Mink Gray

The warm poppy red looks wonderful with a mink gray background.

Antique Whites + Crisp White

Antique white and white is a calm combination that offers comfort and function beautifully with wooden furniture.

Navy Blue + Snow White + Lipstick Pink

Another combination of luxurious effect lovers.

Navy blue in combination with snow white and the hot lipstick pink details.

Watercolor Blue + Sandy White

There couldn’t be a more relaxing color scheme for the bedroom than watercolor blue and sandy white.

Ebony + Powder White + Pale Citron

The gentle pale lime works beautifully as background on walls for a mansion ebony bed.

Powder white smoothly connects these two colors.

Dove Gray + Tulip Pink

One of my favourite color schemes for bedroom!

The restful dove gray everywhere with details of tulip pink on fabrics and flowers.

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