Organic Modern Decoration Style

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House Tour with Organic Modern Decoration Style.

I came across this house tour as I was reading the blog Apartment Therapy.

This house has a very interesting and favorite decoration style, Organic Modern.

My prediction about this decoration style is that public will love it, like interior designers do.

Organic Modern Decoration Style

At this style, you can mix modern with vintage furniture and objects.

These two styles together match impressive and create comfortable and friendly spaces.

The result from Organic Decoration Style is a home with personality.

The house I am presenting here is located in Hollywood and belongs to the screenwriter Alan Yang.

This style loves natural materials like wooden floors and wooden surfaces.

Old pieces of furniture can be reused by painting them in a new colour.

Like this white-painted furniture which is used as a bar.

Collection of vintage objects.

Vintage carpets are perfectly combined with modern fixtures.

Here with their vintage carpet they used the favorite and timeless lighting from flos.

Natural material has also been used for lining the fireplace.

Vintage and modern furniture mixed great together.

Simple, modern kitchen with vintage tiles.

Modern colours like gray, keep the space quite and allows the colourful art to be the spot point.

If you want to get more inspiration about Vintage Decoration Style here.

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