Get Ideas for your Christmas Tree Decoration

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Get Ideas for your Christmas Tree Decoration


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Classic Hues

Breathe new life into the classic Christmas color scheme by posing deep red and crisp white ornaments against an evergreen canvas.

Then coordinate the color palette with beautiful packages in the same hues.

Be Funny & Whimsical

Fun and whimsical, this slender tree is perfect for rooms with tall ceilings.

Fill the branches with oversize retro-inspired ornaments and smaller bold-color ornaments.

Complete the look with bursts of colorfully wrapped packages.

Give Height

Give a squat tree height by placing it in a large urn.

Bonus: This also leaves the most under-bough room for beautifully wrapped gifts.

Chartreuse pinwheel ribbons add a celebratory touch.

Everything about this tree is larger than life.

From its large-scale Christmas balls and huge pinecones nestled in the branches to its commanding tabletop post, this tree makes a grand impression.

Traditional Ornaments

Traditional Christmas ornaments are fresh in a soft green-and-white color palette.

Forgo a tree topper for a natural look.

A towering tree commands attention in this entryway.

Get the look by hanging several hues of gold-tone balls on your tree, nestling small green berries in between the boughs, and topping the whole thing off with a cascading bow.

Think of your Christmas tree as another accessory to your normal decor.

In this vivid blue room, classic gold tones look right at home while adding a touch of the holidays.

Display Pictures

Photocopy pictures, glue them to silver paper, and frame them with rickrack and other trims to turn your Christmas tree into a family scrapbook.

Fill the boughs with small apples, kumquats, and vintage-style ornaments.

Editor’s Lighting Tip: Pick lights in a color that match your key ornaments (in this case, orange).

That way they enhance the color scheme rather than draw away from it.

Create a Snowman

Celebrate the season anew with a Frosty the Snowman-inspired Christmas tree.

Craft or buy a papier-mache snowman head and place atop a white artificial Christmas tree.

Space three black ornament balls down the center to create buttons, secure silver branches to the middle for arms, and position rain boots under the base to create feet.

Finish by wrapping a red scarf underneath Frosty’s head and embellishing all over with transparent ornament balls and silver snowflake ornaments.

Don’t forget the black top hat tree topper!

Editor’s Lighting Tip: To prevent themed or white Christmas trees from looking busy, keep lighting simple.

Use a few subtle strands of Christmas lights or none at all.

Or a Santa

Santa comes but once each year — lengthen his visit by creating a Santa-inspired Christmas tree.

Cover a Christmas tree with white lights.

Wrap the top and bottom with a white feather boa and the area between with red gossamer and sheer ribbon.

Secure a large black belt around the middle of the tree to create Santa’s waist.

Make gatherings throughout the middle section with red ornament ball clusters, and embellish the tree skirt with a pair of Santa-esque slippers.

Celebrate the signs of winter by filling the boughs of your Christmas tree with mittens and ice skates in coordinating colors.

Wire the skates sturdily to the trunk and space them evenly to balance the tree.

Editor’s Lighting Tip: The best way to untangle Christmas tree lights is by winding the strands on your arm, making sure that you don’t pull on any of the bulbs while unwinding. Before you start untangling, plug in the strand of lights to see which bulbs need to be replaced — don’t wait until the lights are on the tree to find out which lights don’t work!

May your holidays

be happy days,

filled with love

and laughter.

And may each day

bring joy your way

in the year

that follows after.



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