DIY – Driftwood Mirror Tutorial 10

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DIY – Driftwood Mirror Tutorial

Walking on the beach and collecting beautiful shells and pebbles, is undoubtedly a fav habit for all of us.

Somewhere near these, sea washed up and beautiful pieces of wood, known as driftwood which are transformed by the sea water and the salty air, to unique artworks.

With driftwood we can easily create decorative and utilitarian objects for our beach house.

I picked out a very easy picture tutorial by Canadian blogger Lisa Roy for you, so you can create your own driftwood mirror to decorate your… coastal living…

 First gather your materials…

Driftwoods (you can also use a driftwood garland from a craft store)

Mirror with frame

Strong glue

You can also use a driftwood garland from a store.

..and then action..

Before you start to fix your driftwoods on the frame, sort and arrange them.

Then dampen their surfaces and glue them on the frame.

Keep on the good work!

Keep on gluing until you cover all the frame.

This is how it looks when the first layer is done.

Then fill on the top of the first layer with another layer.

When you will finish and with the second layer, glue on some rope to have a better finish.

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