Decorating Style – Ethnic Eclectic

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Decorating Style Ethnic Eclectic

All those who know me from the past know my particular interest in ethnic cultures.

I was always fascinated by the uniqueness of these cultures, the warmth of their materials and colors, their textures and smells.

Thus, over the past ten years I was involved with importing ethnic objects for house and fashion. Learning in the meantime details of this wonderful style and about the people that prefer it.

Ethnic decoration is ideal for all ages, but more to young people, males and people that have been travelling widely.

You can come across ethnic objects and materials in every form of decoration. In every space where you seek to add personality and warmth.

A Buddha statue or a colorful Indian carpet are always wonderful decorative objects in a house with minimal aesthetics.

An ethnic lampshade or ethnic tiles enjoy their coexistence with modern decoration.

Monastic tables which have become a favorite, monopolize the choice of owners of modern spaces.

We refer to this as Ethnic-Eclectic Decorative Style, where in some parts of a home we create harmonious combinations of the style of our choice with ethnic details.

If you enjoy Ethnic-Eclectic Decorative Style you have to be careful in your selection of colors, designs, fabrics as well as lines you combine so they do not end up creating contrasts.

And surely you will need to base your Ethnic-Eclectic Decorative Style on choices offered by a particular country.

What can Ethnic-Eclectic Decorating Style do for your spaces?

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