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Hi there “MyLife” readers, this is Katilena Alpe for Travel Inspiration!

I would like to mention that am not a WRITER, am an adventurer and an enthusiast traveller!

I grew up in Africa. My childhood was spent in Khartoum.

And that’s how  my love affair with travel began at a very young age inspired by the great explorers looking for the Nile source.

The Nile held a fascination for me. We could swim, go water skiing or just camp under the stars on the banks of the River Nile.

Gaze at the stars before stargazing became a travel trend.


My first memory of a road trip is when my dad decided that we drive from Khartoum to Port-Sudan on a business come family trip.

Everybody was packaged in the car including an extra driver to assist dad with the driving, my mum and siblings, a family friend and all the supplies plus petrol .

Everything that could go wrong it went wrong in the 1200km drive.

Car broke down, there was a lick in the water tank and many more mishaps but it didn’t’ really matter as it was part of the adventure.

Once we arrived in Port Sudan everything was forgotten especially when we hit the beach!

Armed with my snorkler and mask went exploring the reefs with all the danger that this little expedition entailed not even entering my young head.

After that trip many many more followed and they were real adventures.

For those wanting to experience the Sudan, there is a trip by Original Travel Khartoum to Cairo – – based in the UK lead by Anthony Sattin – journalist, author – that will be taking in all the main sites of this fascinating country.

Africa Lovers

As a grown up I have travelled in a number of East, North and Southern African countries.

I remember a girl’s road trip in Namibia, facing a black mamba while walking in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, visiting the Victoria Falls – the smoke that thunders – as the local refers to it and imagining Stanley & Livingstone’s meeting.

The colours and smells of Marrakech, the vibrancy of Casablanca, meeting my first hippo in the Masai Mara and much much more.

One of the best memories though must be seeing my first leopard at the Corbett National Park in India, sunrise trip of the Himalayas and other travel memories.

For 2012 a very busy work scheduled allowed me the customary trips to London and running the press office of the House of Hellenes with my colleague Dimitra Kolotoura (part owner of the new Greek fashion brand Zeus & Dione) during the Olympic Games, two quick trips to the island of Andros visiting the Krinos Suites Hotel in the quaint beach resort of Batsi, discovering its beaches and its lovely tavernas and armed with my Zeus & Dione leather sandals .

However, the highlight apart from the London Games, must be my visit to the newly opened Amanzoe Resort in Porto Heli.

My reaction once walked in was OOH this is amazing. More about the Amanzoe later.

This Travel Inspiration Column is about tips of new hotel openings worldwide, restaurants, boutiques anything and everything that makes up travel.

Happy Travelling!

Katilena is part owner of DK Associates an integrated communications agency with its base in London. DK is the official office of the UK editions of Conde Nast Traveller, House & Garden and Conde Nast Brides as well as BBC World , and bbc digital.

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