5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry 2

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5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry

A groomed and beautiful front door can transform the look of your entire home or working space.
According to Feng Shui the front door is the “mouth” of the house which brings into your home all the energies.
I will give you all the necessary tips you can use to refresh your front door easy and quick and open your door to the positive energies.

Make an Entrance

Bold colors, soft lighting, graphic house numbers, pretty planters, and stylish accessories, make a welcome addition to your front entryway.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_1

1. Bold Colors

What creates the greatest feeling in the entrance of an area is the color of the door.

Dare an intense and vibrant color.

Buff well your door with sandpaper, then prime and paint with a semi or hign gloss paint.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_2

2. Light it up

Add your entry atmosphere by hanging a lantern or placing sconces.

Materials like copper and brass look even better with patina.

Prefer frosted bulbs for a softer lighting.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_3

3. Play the Numbers

Make sure guests (and mail carriers) can find your home easily.

Place beautiful and visible house numbers.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_4

4. Give Life

Extend a warmer welcome with planted pots.

Check out local nurseries for low-maintenance plantings, such as succulents, that thrive in your plant zone.
Create an even warmer welcome by adding delicate planted pots suitable for the spot where your front door is.

The feeling will be unique!

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_5

5. Accessorize with Style

Mailboxes , door knockers and seasonal decorative wreaths are jewelry for front doors.

Choose good quality and design accessories and be careful not to overdo it.

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry_6

Good Luck!

xo ~ Elena

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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways to Update Your Entry

  • raymond

    where can I purchase the house numbers and letters shown above (163 victor). Would like to purchase for my house.

    • elena arsenoglou Post author

      Good morning dear Raymond, you can search at etsy.com
      Have a beautiful day