22 Amazing Ideas for Christmas Food Decoration

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22 Amazing Ideas for Christmas Food Decoration

This is the best time of the year!! Do you agree? I’m sure you do…
Most of us have already added seasonal decoration to our spaces but we want say no to more!!
What about to add also some extra seasonal decoration to our everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks?

From 1 to 100 years old, everyone is going to love these ideas…


Coffee please…
With the cream, some chocolate and pastry colors you can create lots of designs at the top of your coffee or chocolate, like this one..

Biscuits are great with coffee, but this time don’t put them in a bowl but decorate with them your breakfast linens.

It seems hard me, no matter how hard I try, to find someone who doesn’t love the pancakes. For kids, teenagers or adults, pancakes will always be one of the beloved breakfasts. With whipped cream, strawberries or raspberries create the decoration for your sweet pancakes and with bacon and olive oils decorate your salty pancakes.

Toast anyone? Be creative…be unique…

Lunch Time

When it comes for pizza I have exactly the same thoughts I had for pancakes. Easy, tasty and beloved to any age…but this time of the year give to your pizzas special seasonal shapes that will give to your usual pizza even difference taste.

And of course never forget your salad! Vegetables are ideal to eat with your pizza or any food, but near Christmas give them a special touch…eat them directly from the tree 😉 Broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes, with a yogurt sauce are what you need.


One for the road… snacks are ideal to keep us happy and accompany our afternoon activities. With a glass of wine after the work, by watching sports or something to keep our kids cool as they are waiting for the dinner. Bake something simple, like these sausage pies in the shape of circle and create a bow of red sweet pepper to add the festive touch. It goes great with a simple ketchup sauce.

For those in diet or veggie lovers, the Christmas tree shape comes out easily with celery or cucumber, carrots and tomatoes.


Say cheese!!

A super way to start or finish your dinner with a 5minutes preparation plate is with a cheese platter. Use 4-5 different cheeses, small tomatoes and greenery the Christmas tree with fresh oregano or rosemary.

Cheese triangles, savory and olives will be transformed into reindeers and will definitely impress kids!

If you have some extra 5-10 minutes free time or more guests you can be more creative. With a few savory crackers, cream cheese, salami, a sprig of celery for the whiskers and some capers for eyes and nose, you can make these wonderful Santa Clauses.

Dinner is ready!!
Tasty and healthy, rice is one of my favorite foods. And is awesome easy to give it different shapes. Snowman with vegetables or reindeer sausage horns, it will certainly make the difference.

When you use red caviar to decorate, it goes great with a Salmon platter.

And I suggest for the reindeer with the sausage horns decoration, the breathtaking tasteful asparagus, covered with prosciutto.

You are so sweet…
And after the dinner you can get even sweeter and festive with these super easy and impressive ideas. All you need is some strawberries and whipped cream. Cut the strawberry and add the whipped cream…the sweet Santa Claus is ready!

Any usual white sweet can become festive with some chocolate. Just warm the chocolate and create on a bake paper jagged trees. Secure them on your sweet with some warm chocolate on the back of the tree.

A pot with fresh rosemary and some frozen berries will be very useful for you this time of the year, because with these two materials you can very easily create the shape of a tree in any sweet!christmas_food_decoration_ideas_23

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