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DIY – How to Transform your Towels Welcome to another DIY! Yesterday I was experimenting trying to find an easy way to transform some monochrome towels for my bathroom. The result was spectacular! With a few fabric ribbons, the impersonal monochrome towels became unrecognizable! My little daughter Maria, who usually […]

DIY – How to Transform your Towels

Guest bathrooms are among my favorites in decoration. Whether it is for a house, restaurant or hotel, I choose the decoration carefully as it is the only space where guests being left to their own will observe. I therefore enjoy giving it a good dose of aesthetic pleasure, combining artistic […]

Guest Bathroom – My Secrets for Stunning Decoration

Organizing Bathroom Towels Regardless if your bathroom is large or small, modern or classical, this bathroom accessory can store your towels, providing it style and functionality. Try it and you will remember me. I use it often in my projects and my clients love it. Organizing your Bathroom Towels Cubic […]

Organizing Tip of the Month – A Home for your ...

Wallpaper your Home – Natural Inspiration Turn your house into a cozy home, by covering your walls with beautiful wallpapers. Take a taste from my wallpaper collection. Soon be available at my online shop @ at unbeatable prices!! If you are interested please contact me NATURAL INSPIRATION The following […]

Wallpaper your Home – Natural Inspiration

Dress your wall with quotes. You don’t need to spend a fortune to beautify your home or workspace walls. How to do this? Here are the tips to dress your wall with quotes Pick some of your favourite. Pinterest is ideal for this purpose. Print them or even draw them. […]

Dress your Walls with Quotes

Guide for Choosing the Right Colors Decorating with Off-White subcategory 1/4 Using Off-White Color on Walls The shades of white are symbolic of purity, innocence and naivete, off white has strong connotations of youth and purity. It may also symbolize a desire for simplicity or the simple life. In interior […]

Decorating with Off White – Guide for Choosing the Right ...

16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers Don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy new furniture. Here are some fabulous ideas to makeover what you already have to amazing new unique items. Be inspired and Bon Weekend!! 16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE […]

Before & After: 16 Fabulous Furniture Makeovers

Contemporary art is art produced from the 70’s up until this very minute. At this present point in time, art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. In other words, contemporary to us. Usually the artists are alive and still making work. Some of contemporary techniques […]

Contemporary Art

Contemporary Decorating Style Today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming. This style is equally appropriate for offices, stores, lofts and homes. A contemporary style space can be a comfortable retreat. To achieve the look is important to follow some basic rules. Simplicity, subtle sophistication and modern lines are the basics […]

Contemporary Decorating Style

DIY – Fabric Covered Storage Boxes Hello there! Have you started organizing your closet for the new season? I’ve been super obsessed with organizing my closets after my post, 10 Τips for Organizing your Βedroom Closets. I’ve been cleaning out, donating, hanging, boxing up and building displays. I wanted to […]

DIY – Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

7 basic Feng Shui Steps for a Good Feng Shui bedroom Apply this tips into your bedroom, for positive relationships and health. A good feng shui bedroom is the one that promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. That invites you, lures you in, excites and calms you […]

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

10 Τips for Organizing your Βedroom Closets Get organized and clear the clutter with these clever ideas, methods, and products. Tip 1: Seasonal Change It’s possible that no matter how much you try to edit and organize, you just have too much stuff to fit in your closet. If that’s […]

10 Τips for Organizing your Βedroom Closets

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture Ηello friends, and welcome to before & after basics! Ι’m so excited to discuss how to paint furniture today. Τransformation is a beautiful thing- not only when dealing with furniture, but also when carried out in every day life. So, let’s start painting! Here […]

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture

10 Wonderful Fall Theme Paintings Update your decor for the fall months by sprucing up your walls with artwork that can change with the seasons. I selected for you, from , 10 beautiful fall theme paintings, to get the inspiration you need for your fall decoration! Fall Painting Modern […]

10 Wonderful Fall Theme Paintings

Fall Party Decoration As it is my son’s b-day today and we’re into this beautiful autumn season, I thought to share with you beautiful decoration ideas for an autumn party. Fall Party pictures: birdsparty If you’re interested to decorate a special event or party, feel free to contact me so […]

Fall Party Decoration