14 Brilliant Upcyclying Home Projects 2

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14 Brilliant Upcycling Home Projects

To many, recycling is a way of life. I cannot think of throwing away something that can be recycled and transformed into something useful and beautiful.
What could happen if over and above soft drink cans or useless paper we decide to recycle bigger objects? Small miracles!
As you will see for yourselves, you can give entirely new forms to objects you thought of throwing to the dustbin!

Brilliant Upcycling Home Projects

This wall mural is made from the pages of a book.

Suspended incandescent light-bulb vase. This would also make a great reed diffuser.

Tape new photos to an old window. Takes two seconds and looks great.

Reclaim old shutters and hang photos with clothespins.

These planters are great for recycling old books. And how cool would these look in an office or library (or anywhere else for that matter)?

Hanging light bulb vase.

An old corkboard/ board, some old fabric, and some old drawer handles and hanging hooks to attach. Brilliant idea.

Cute idea. I’ve also seen pet beds made from this same concept.

A phone book is converted to a pencil holder.

Place photos inside jars instead of buying a picture frame. Gorgeous, frugal, and green!

Create a CD sleeve from a single piece of paper

Reuse an old soap pump with a mason jar.

If you have any old brooches laying around, turn them into magnets!

Recycle egg shells and candles at the same time with this simple idea.

ideas via www.ehow.com
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