10 Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas 3

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10 Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

I give you 10 very simple ideas to beautify your kitchen decoration for the holidays

10 Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Decorate the Windows

Use a wreath, fresh branches and Christmas ornaments to decorate the windows.


2. Create an oasis in Washbasin

You can make a focus point next to the washbasin. Small Christmas trees are ideal for this spot.

3. Add Garland Over Cabinets

A garland with lights on the top of the kitchen cabinets looks great!

4. Decorate Cabinet Doors

As you can see at the pictures bellow wreath are looking great at the front of your cabinet doors.

You can also use Christmas cards to decorate your cabinet doors.


5. Give Festive Color to open Display & Shelving

Place some Christmas ornaments to some spots.

6. Decorate Lighting

If there is a hanging ceiling light in your kitchen you can decorate it with a wreath or fresh branches.

7. Create Compositions with Christmas Themes

8. Decorate a Small Christmas Tree

9. Use Tablecloths, Pillows & Towels in Christmas Colors and Designs

10. Add Seasonal Details


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3 thoughts on “10 Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

    • Πέτρος

      Θα συμφωνήσω μαζί σου Τίνα! Καλές γιορτές σε όλους!!

  • Susan Jones

    Hello, Would you be willing to share a picture from your 2012 Christmas Kitchen ideas. I lead a small Christmas charity event in Canada and I would like to use your photo of the candy canes hanging in the window.


    Hope to hear from you soon.