Zen Seafront Villa in Schinias – Greece for Sale

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Zen Seafront Villa in Schinias – Greece for Sale

There are countless cases, and I am sure you have similar experiences, where moving to a new space can cause great windfall, economic growth or impose unexplained problems.

So when a customer asks for my help in finding for him the right home or workplace to buy or rent, there are some basic things I check before I let him get into the process to see the property.
The first point to check is the reason why the last owners are departing.
When a house comes up for sale and the reason is because the owners transferred into something even better, this is the first and the main indicator that the house has good Feng Shui and growth energy for its owners.

This is the case with this stunning seaside villa with the minimalist architecture which is located in Schinias and it will be extremely gratifying for me the new owners to be readers of my block and have the same great progress of the two beloved friends, owners of the villa now.

Apart from this and all the other points make this property the ideal choice for purchase.


As you can see in the pictures this highly conserved minimalist house of the 459 sqm., with additional assistant spaces of 98 sqm., is positioned at the most appropriate point of the 2,000 sqm land. According to Feng Shui ideal location for a space, the presence of the hill at the back of the house offers protection to the owners, the stone fence that surrounds the entire land offers security, rich vegetation provides complete privacy and the huge SCUCO windows offer panoramic sea views from every room of the house.

This house has been built with lots of love by its owners, who also have undeniable aesthetics and this is something that you can feel at every step you make on the land, especially when you use the amazing crystal elevator, when you are taking walks on the stone paths in the majestic garden with the olive trees , the lush flower beds with the Greek plants and flowers or you enjoy the 87 sqm. pool that becomes one with the sea.

The house consists of two large living rooms, two dining rooms, office, two large, bright ergonomic kitchens, almost professional with special storage areas, three large bedrooms with their own WC and possibility with easy configuration of a fourth large bedroom.
There is also laundry area, two independent apartments for the staff, two large storerooms, a central heating, a last technology alarm system and video surveillance, two fireplaces, wooden floors of 1st quality Iroko wood, a large outdoor covered area with barbeque, two garages, and a central telephone system with WiFi.

The house also has the excellent ability to be split and be used as two houses with separate entrances and garages.

Distance from the Northern suburbs of Athens 40 ”
Distance from El. Venizelos airport 30″ and from the center of Athens 50″

The price of this dreamy property is 2,000.000 euros
If you need any further information you can contact with me here

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