Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the easiest (and least-expensive) ways to cast an enchanting spell on any outdoor space.

Try these ideas when you want to illuminate a setting and create a distinctive mood.

Into Shells

Put some big shells into a tray and inside them place small candles.

Add Some Colour

For this great idea you will need two glass jars of different dimensions.

Place the smaller glass jar with the candle into the bigger jar and fill with water.

For extra style you can use a few drops of pastry colour into your water.

Sand, Shells & Candles

Fill the bottom of a glass jar with sand, decorate with some shells and place your candles.

At this option, you can use different sand colours around your candle.

Flowers & Candles

Place a candle into a glass jar and fix outside the jar a fresh flower.

Shell Lovers

This is one of my beloved Ideas! and a really easy DIY project.

Take some used candles and melt them in an old kettle.

Then hold a piece of wick vertically in the shell and fill the shell with the melted wax.

Hold the wick for a few minutes until wax gets cold and holds the wick.

This is a great idea for summer table settings.


Bon Weekend!

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