How to… Make a Fabric Framed Memo Board

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How to… Make a Fabric Framed Memo Board

This memo board looks like a work of art, doesn’t it?

If you have very lovely frame or fabric, you can use them to make a memo board.

Simply cover a cork board with the fabric and put it to frame.

How to….

1. Selected a frame and remove the glass and cardboard from inside.

Use the cardboard as a template for cutting a piece of cork that would fit in the frame.

You can find your cork at

2. Cut out a piece of fabric approximately an inch bigger than the cork on each side.

Cover one side of the cork with Elmer’s dot runner glue and stuck it to the wrong side of the fabric.

3. Once the cork package all wrapped up, went back to the frame and added Elmer’s glue dots all over the back.

Stick the dots and then peel the paper.

Easy and STICKY!

4. Then stuck the fabric wrapped cork board into the frame and it was ready for storing our notes!

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