Feng Shui Secrets for Financial Improvement and Wealth

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Feng Shui Secrets for Financial Improvement and Wealth

Personal Feng Shui Seminars with Elena Arsenoglou

It’s results will make you adore it !

Celebrities, all powerful companies and even countries that have private Feng Shui advisors disclose their secret for absolute Prosperity !

Donald Trump ( American entrepreneurial tycoon ): “You don’t need to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I only know it brings me money “.

2013 is the year of the Water Snake

It is the important year which will provide for all  those that are prepared

Financial Progress, Good Luck, Positive Energy, Good Health and Harmony

The Year of the Water Snake Gui Si will begin on February 3rd, 2013 and 18:14 Greek time ( GMT +2). At that  same moment the Feng Shui Flying Stars align  in new positions thus affecting our lives from their new location till February 3rd, 2014.

Teach yourselves with Feng Shui practices how you can benefit and use to your advantage the positive energies during  this important year of the Water Snake and how you can treat and heal  the negative energies that come to your space and affect your lives.

” Feng Shui Secrets for Financial Improvement and Wealth” Seminar

Date: This year, because of the theme of the seminar, I will  only be offering  private seminars  by appointment.

Seminar Duration: 3 hours

Seminar Program:

  • Arrival and receipt of seminar material
  • Part I  : New Year and Flying Stars of 2013
  • Break
  • Part II : Feng Shui Secrets for Financial Improvement and Prosperity
  • Q & A

Attendees of the seminar are advised  to carry with them a floor plan ( even a rough sketch will do ) of the space of their interest (home or working space) , noting where the East is (where the sun rises from) so they may apply the understanding they will gain to  their personal space and for me to answer personal questions.

Cost of Private Seminar: 200 euros

Information– Participation: 210 9961535 & 6940 377 239

On line Seminar also available


Take a look at very successful people that consult  Feng Shui methods.

I am very proud  that the list contains some of my clients !

Gianni Nunnari. Top Hollywood Producer (300 and The Departed – Oscar winner for Best Movie in 2007), consulted a Feng Shui expert for the renovation of his Hollywood Gang Productions offices in Los Angeles. After experiencing the benefits that followed his first Feng Shui consultation he incorporated the principles to his Bel Air home.

Johnny Depp. Hollywood actor that hires a Feng Shui professional to purify his surroundings.

Bill Gates. Chairman of Microsoft Corporation frequently mentioned as a Feng Shui devotee. As it was reported he chose a perfect natural location and built his home according to the Chinese philosophy principles.

Donald Trump. American business mogul who once had it all; then lost it all and has it all again. He has trusted Feng Shui teachings to eliminate negative Chi of his surroundings and to help building his structures in harmony with nature. The story says he became interested when he lost a contract to clients that didn’t like the Feng Shui of the building. When it comes to the topic at hand he is famous for saying “You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work. I just know it brings me money.”

Constantinos Xenopoulos. The famous music composer for films said that:” feng shui changed his life”. Everything in his studio and in his house is added carefully by his personal Feng Shui consultant.

Richard Branson. Founder and CEO of the Virgin Empire allegedly is a believer that thinks Feng Shui is a great advantage when it comes to business dealings and investments decisions.

Rob Lowe. In a recent interview, the Brothers and Sisters actor admitted that he likes his working environment to be filled with good energy, for which he seeks Feng Shui before embarking in any new TV or movie project.

The list with the Celebrities that have allegedly used Feng Shui is endless

Anne Heche
Andie McDowell
Bill Clinton
Boy George
Brooke Shields
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Courtney Cox
Cybil Shepherd
David Duchovny
Donna Karan
Ellen Degenere
Eric Clapton
Fran Drescher
George Clooney
Gillian Anderson
Gwyneth Paltrow
Harry Sloan
Julia Roberts
Julie Andrews
Kevin Spacey
Lily Tomlin
Lisa Kudrow
Mariah Carey
Oprah Winfrey
Patricia Arquette
Paulo Coelho (author)
Pierce Brosnan
Ricky Martin
Sarah Jessica-Parker
Sharon Stone
Shirley MacLaine
Steven Speilberg
Susan Lucci
Tommy Hilfiger

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