DIΥ – Fabric Wall Art 1

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DIΥ  Fabric Wall Art

It’s a good day for home made crafts !!

If you like creating things with your hands, you will enjoy Do It Yourself category on my blog.

Here I am sharing creative and entertaining ways that bring beauty to our spaces.

Fabric Wall Art

If you have small pieces of fabric whose design you like a lot, but are too small for you to use otherwise this is a great idea for you.

With this idea you can transform your walls in less than an hour.

What you’ll need:

•    Artist Canvas in the sizes you prefer
•    Fabric that you got
•    Scissor
•    Staple gun
•    Picturing-hanging wire and screw set

Let’s get started

Lay the front side of your canvas on the back side of your fabric.

Measure your fabric and cut a few cm longer.

Iron your fabric before you fix it on your canvas so you won’t see creases in your finished piece.
Pull fabric tight and staple several times along two opposite edges.

On the ends fold the corners as you would a present, pull up tight and staple.

To hang:

Attach small screws and picture wire to the back of the frame.

Step back and admire!

This is an inexpensive way to decorate a wall, and when you  get tired of this fabric, you can rip it off and start over.
The possibilities are endless, and there are so many amazing fabrics available!

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