DIY – How to Transform your Towels Welcome to another DIY! Yesterday I was experimenting trying to find an easy way to transform some monochrome towels for my bathroom. The result was spectacular! With a few fabric ribbons, the impersonal monochrome towels became unrecognizable! My little daughter Maria, who usually […]

DIY – How to Transform your Towels

DIY – Fabric Covered Storage Boxes Hello there! Have you started organizing your closet for the new season? I’ve been super obsessed with organizing my closets after my post, 10 Τips for Organizing your Βedroom Closets. I’ve been cleaning out, donating, hanging, boxing up and building displays. I wanted to […]

DIY – Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture Ηello friends, and welcome to before & after basics! Ι’m so excited to discuss how to paint furniture today. Τransformation is a beautiful thing- not only when dealing with furniture, but also when carried out in every day life. So, let’s start painting! Here […]

Before and After Basics: Painting Furniture

DIΥ – Bird Silhouettes and Text Collage Wall Art Make your own bird wall art with printed bird silhouettes and a textual collage for the background. This wall art craft project shows you how to create wall decor with the look of pricier designer pieces. Materials: •    Two Canvases •    […]

DIΥ – Silhouettes and Text Collage Wall Art

Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish Here are some ideas of seashell and starfish ornament for summer decoration. Hope to provide inspiration to refresh your home with the summer’s passion. Fill clear glass luminophores with beautiful seashells and place them in groups of two or three on a table. Create […]

Summer Decoration with Seashells & Starfish

Keep your space organized with customizable labels. Find a solution for every storage problem with these simple, affordable tags and stickers in fun designs. De-clutter and de-stress with these fun labels, which will help you organize your family’s gear in every space of your home. From the entry area, to […]

Free Printable Storage Labels

LEARN HOW TO PAINT A ROOM The No1 cure-all for boring rooms, old junk and family hand-me-downs! Learn basic painting techniques and special effects. Help wall painting go smoothly and quickly by following our easy steps and visuals. How to Paint a Room: Materials What You’ll Need: Masking tape Plastic […]

DIY – Learn How to Paint a Room

It is difficult for most people to create a picture gallery and they are not even sure where to start. Here are a few tips to give you confidence to create a gallery wall. Choose Themes Comic strips, children’s art, love notes. Four leaf clovers, funny want ads, postcards. Even […]

How to Hang Picture Gallery