6 Ways to Display Chanel Logo in your Decor

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6 Ways to Display Chanel Logo in your Decor

Most of the times when we say Chanel inspired decoration we mean black and white.

Here are some ways to help you bring the famous logo into your interior decoration.

1. With Books

An easy and fast way to display the Chanel logo in your decor is with books.

On bedside tables, coffee tables or consoles, put a few Chanel-style books and create a composition with your favourite decorations items.

These compositions love fresh flowers, candles and luxurious items.

 2. Floor

One of the most impressive ways to use Chanel logo, is to create it with marble for your foyer floor.

  3. Furniture

The barrel with the Chanel No5 perfume logo is one of my favourite items in decoration.

It can be used as a bedside table or as a side table.

It will definitely catch the eye, however you will use it.

4. Lighting

On line you can find very nice table lamps with the design of the famous Chanel logo.

5. Decoration Objects

Your Chanel cosmetics can be used as wonderful decorative accessories for your bedroom or bathroom furniture. 

In many homes you will find the Chanel shopping bags posing as part of the decoration.

The famous Chanel trays come in many designs and can be used in many ways beyond the well known drinks serving.

6. Art

Chanel’s famous logo is great for wall art and is suitable for every room of a space.

You can choose between a painting or a quote with the signature of Coco Chanel.

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