10 Gorgeous Outdoor Decorating Styles

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10 Gorgeous Outdoor Decorating Styles.

Whether you simply like to sip your morning coffee outside or are dying to host an alfresco fete,

these stunning setups—from rustic to romantic—are sure to cast your backyard in a whole new light.

from one kings lane

1. Glam

Yes, your alfresco dining space can be fancy. It can be fabulous.

Approach it with the same mind-set you’d use regarding your indoor domain.

Eye-catching patterns on your chair cushions or tabletop to up the cool factor.

A set of sexy chairs so that guests will be sitting pretty.

Design-forward lanterns (and houses for your feathered friends) that will add atmosphere just by hanging around.

2. Relaxed

If you’re the type who never buys a complete set of anything but instead pounces on one-offs whenever they strike your fancy, never fear.

This laid-back, mix-master approach can feel just right in outdoor settings.

The trick is to work within the same color or style family.

A collection of black chairs of (even wildly) varying designs, for instance, or seats in different shades that share simple silhouettes.

3. Traditional

Plush seating options, from love seats to banquettes, sporting matching cushions will never go out of style.

Center them around a coffee table (as opposed to a full-size design) for a more casual, serve-yourself feel so that friends and family can chat and snack at their leisure.

Pillow talk: Refresh the look by swapping in new accent cushions as often as you want, much like you switch up the accessories with your favorite LBD (little black dress.)

4. Rustic

All a well-loved wood table needs are some comfy seats around it.

Café chairs, a couple of benches, or even bales of hay topped by blankets.

If you’d like to add flowers, forgo a fancy florist arrangement for a just-picked bunch that you DIYed.

Special lighting, whether strands of paper orbs or iron lanterns, will throw a magical glow over this bucolic setting.

5. Contemporary

It might be worlds away from the anything-goes, mix-and-match approach, but a monochromatic, symmetrical display can be equally enticing.

Plus, sticking to just one color makes casual pieces appear more formal.

Side note: Use potted plants to carve out different nooks in your space based on your needs, whether it’s a chilled-out fire pit zone or a semipermanent game of croquet.

6. Boho

So often associated with an explosion of prints, a free-spirited vibe can also be achieved by committing to just one neutral in a fabric such as linen.

Which conjures an image of a dapper gent in a summer suit traipsing across some faraway land—and leaving your pattern play to accent pieces.

7. Industrial

Sideline anything poufy or ornate, and think sleek: clean lines, metals and woods, streamlined furnishings.

In other words, things that wouldn’t look out of place in a factory but also look oh-so-right in your backyard.

A jolt of color, whether it’s the chairs tucked under your table or the dinnerware topping it, signals to guests that this is the place for a party as soon as they step outside.

8. Tropical

It’s entirely possible to create a chic vibe that says “welcome to the jungle” with nary a rattan piece or palm-frond print in sight.

Instead let the details do the talking: Breezy white furnishings paired with dark woods can read wildly tropical when accented with exotic blooms and fruits in beyond-bright vessels.

And though we do love us some tiki torches, metal lanterns are a more sophisticated option for shedding some light on the scene when the sun goes down.

9. Romantic

A free-flowing tablecloth can completely transform a basic (or even borderline ugly) table.

Really, you could have a card table under there and no one would be the wiser!

For a one-time event, consider using the chairs from your indoor dining room to give your outdoor space an air of formality.

Proper place settings and a gorgeous flower arrangement complete the look.

10. Coastal

Creating an outdoor dining nook is as easy as

1. (mounting a shelf on the exterior of your house)

2. (pulling up some stools)

3 (inviting over your friends)!

This is an especially smart solution for small spaces like apartment terraces where big tables haven’t a chance of fitting.

What is your Favorite Decoration Style for your Outdoors?

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